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Big brother wants new tools to watch you

Published May 19. 2012 09:01AM

The Obama administration continues to attack our constitutional rights. The latest onslaught is on our 4th amendment rights.

The administration wants to use drones to surveil citizens here in the United States. Under the proposed regulations, there will be no need for a warrant to fly over our houses, yards, parks and campgrounds. If they notice activity that they do not like, they can issue warrants for searches, seizures, and arrests. These drones cannot only monitor activities, but in conjunction was facial recognition software, they can uniquely identify individuals. One might think that as law-abiding citizens they need not worry. This is not true.

Let's look at a couple of scenarios. The government has already branded members of the Tea Party as domestic terrorists. When Tea Party members attend a protest in Washington DC, Harrisburg, or even Allentown, the drones can observe their activities from afar. Facial recognition software can uniquely identify each of the participants. By tracking the participants at several rallies, they can determine both dedicated members and local leaders of this patriotic movement. They can continue to surveil them until they notice something that may give them cause to harass the leadership.

In our township we have an outdoor shooting range. Drones can be used to identify people at the range and the weapons they are shooting. They can use this information to get warrants to search the properties of sportsmen and women looking for unregistered weapons. If they find anything unregistered guns such as family heirlooms passed down from their grandfather, they can confiscate them. They may also be able to press criminal charges against the gun owners. Once the gun owner has a criminal conviction, he or she is no longer able to obtain a concealed carry permit and must surrender their existing permit if they already have one.

Attorney General Holder and his anti-gun cohorts detest Pennsylvania's concealed carry laws. By using drones, they can use federal law to harass those who legally own guns simply because they were observed at a shooting range. If they succeed in finding anything that can be construed as unlawful in the person's home or on his or her property, they can press charges, get a conviction and nullify that person's right to carry a firearm. To date, Holder has been unsuccessful in his quest to quash the Second Amendment, but he can use drones to harass legal gun owners, confiscate their weapons, and further restrict the right to carry.

I'm sure that the government will tout the many benefits of using drones to protect us from criminals. In my opinion, I cannot see them flying over the streets of Philadelphia looking for drug dealers, thieves, or rapists. Instead, they will monitor citizens as they go about their daily business, just as the communists did in the Soviet Union. I believe that the government will use these drones to spy on and control civilians as they go about their daily chores, rather than search for criminals.

A massive new bureaucracy will be needed to monitor all of the activities of our citizens. Our rights to privacy will disappear as a New World Order is implemented.

I do believe the drones would be useful to police when there are riots or unlawful assemblies. I support the constitutional use of drones when they are authorized by a court order or warrant issued by a judge. In my opinion, if drones existed when our founding fathers drafted the Constitution, I'm sure they would have restricted the use of drones under the search and seizure restrictions of the 4th amendment. If you believe as I do that these drones are an invasion of our privacy, then please write your congressman to prevent the use of drones to surveil citizens without a warrant.

Switching topics, I was astounded that President Obama's staff, or should I call them the Emperor's minions, altered the biographies of past presidents. They added a "Did you know" paragraph at the end of many of the biographies comparing the greatest achievements of the past presidents to Obama's accomplishments ( This is a crass attempt to white wash some of the worst legislation, executive orders and regulations that Emperor Obama has implemented. It also uses the factual presentation of past president's achievements for Obama's own political purposes.

What is next? Rewriting history to state that Obama ended the cold war singlehandedly? How about his efforts to defeat the drug lords by providing them with guns? Will this be written in the history books as the successful end of the war on drugs when in reality it was the Fast and Furious debacle that resulted in the death of a border patrol agent and countless Mexican nationals? Will he rewrite history to show that he brought real change to America when in fact he put more people out of work and onto welfare?

Once the administration starts playing with presidential biographies, it is only a matter of time until they alter history books so that children are brainwashed. Oh, I forgot. They have already done that! (

While the administration is busy inflating the Emperor's ego, our economy remains trapped in a twilight zone. It is trying to recover, but so far growth has been minimal. The administration says that the recession is over. Well if the recession is over, why are so many American still unemployed? Why are there more people on food stamps than ever before? Why is the stock market down 10 out of the last eleven days (as I write this)? The economy should be rebounding. The stock market should be rebounding. So what is holding the recovery back?

I believe that small businesses and large corporations are holding off on investments until after the November elections. If the President is reelected, they will hold onto their cash or invest overseas. If he is thrown out of office, they will loosen the purse strings, invest in new equipment, and hire new employees. The economy will rebound faster than a speeding bullet!

The new President will be able to take credit for the surge in business activity and the prosperity it will bring. In reality, the resurgence will be the result of pent up demand for goods and services. As long as Obama is in power, small businesses, corporations and John Q. Public will be tightfisted with their money. Once he leaves the White House, the economy that Obama destroyed will recover and we will see an new age of prosperity.

© 2012 Gordon Smith - All Rights Reserved.

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