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Let's just blame the dinosaurs

Published May 12. 2012 09:01AM

Just when I think I have read or heard everything about the global warming/climate change debate, someone out there manages to surpass the boundaries of all things logical. Just this week in a news flash reported by Reuters and I use the cliché loosely, scientist David Wilkinson from Liverpool John Moores University has made the claim that dinosaur flatulence created global warming that affected their lives to the point that it could have contributed to their extinction and climate change.

More specifically according to some mathematical model based on the amount cows fart, Wilkinson has estimated the dinosaurs farted 570 million tons of methane into the atmosphere.

That's more methane than all natural and manufactured sources in the history of humanity. His scaled up mathematical formula suggests that the dinosaurs in essence heated the atmosphere with their flatulence over the course of 165 million years. For comparison, he offered that cows produce 100 tons of methane each year.

One has to wonder what would have happened millions of years ago if a lightning strike caught a tree on fire. With that amount of methane, I would expect the forest to explode. Could you imagine the flashover? Of course there is no record geologically speaking that I'm aware of which would suggest a global immolation due to burning methane.

My question is thishow much more stupidity will it take for people to wake up and realize that these scientists waste millions of dollars of indirect tax dollars in the form of grants to research such stupid, frivolous areas of science. What is the point?

As I've said before the earth cycles between warming and cooling having survived six ice ages and just as many heat waves. Climatology is seriously studied over thousands of years. As a mathematician I am offended that scientists will look at one hundred years of records and assert that it proves anything about a cycle that lasts several thousand years. Any one hundred year period between ice ages is going to show trends of warming and trends of cooling. Everything cycles in nature including warming and cooling.

Environmentalists and scientists who advocate global warming seem to minimize or "conveniently forget" all of the anomalies and lies that have been used to support their cause. What lies you may ask? Let us review some of the lies and misrepresentations that have been made prior to the dinosaur fart theory.

First you have Al Gore, staunch supporter of global warming. If we listened to him, we would believe that we are in dire trouble and that only his advice can save us. The trouble is this deluded ex-vice president does not present his case objectively. For example, he fails to tell his audiences when he is talking about carbon offsets and green energy that he has serious financial interest in companies that would benefit by the scientific and more importantly the political leadership buying into this snow job.

He also won an Academy award and a Nobel Prize for an alleged documentary about global warming named "An Inconvenient Truth." The problem with the film as you may recall is that the opening scenes do not exist anywhere on this planet. Those massive "disappearing" ice shelves that Gore claims is from global warming are pixels in a computer. The virtual scenery was lifted from the disaster move "The Day After Tomorrow" and does not exist for real on the Earth. That lie takes place in the opening moments of that fable.

Besides the movie, Gore owns large mansions and cars and has the "do as I say not as I do" attitude that is shared with other environmentalists who believe they are above the rest of us.

We are expected to pedal bicycles or walk or ride in cramped business class commercial planes, yet Gore, Nancy Pelosi and his fellow environmentalists disciples have no issue with wasting money or fuel on private jets to criss cross this country, but God forbid you forget to turn off a light.

Then there were the scientists who deliberately fudged data to make it seem like the atmosphere was warming. They were discovered to have omitted data that fell outside their hypothesis which in essence invalidates their research as well. Others have challenged this data and claims it shows nothing to solidly support global warming.

Now we have dinosaur farts. We are going to blame global warming and the extinction of dinosaurs on the idea that they farted so much methane into the atmosphere that it warmed it to the point they could not survive. I don't know about you, but I have had enough of money being wasted on such garbage.

We are in desperate times right now. The economy is floundering still, our rights are being eroded on a daily basis and the government continues to abridge our liberties and seize our freedoms with no resistance from this American public and all scientists can do is waste money on a pointless question about dinosaur flatulence.

While science has many important things to explore, this is not a priority. This particular story originates in England, but we should not fool ourselves into believing that such pointless research does not occur here either. For me this is just another nail in the climate change coffin and further proof that global warming ins only a crisis in their own minds. What do you think?

Til next time …

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