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Down by the seashore

Published May 05. 2012 09:01AM

Dear Editor:

Republican poll workers handing out campaign materials outside the polls on Election Day were accusing Democrats of being stupid. Imagine; the intellectually unarmed were trying to engage in a battle of wits! Is it possible those under informed persons are incubating the destruction of their own interests? Name calling is a desperate action to make up for a lack of knowledge and ability to reasonably offer alternatives. Intelligent people of both political persuasions have no need to stoop to such levels.

Hey everyone; I have a great idea. Let's say you're retired and living on Social Security, have a modest work related pension and Medicare for your health. Great! Well, as long as the monthly checks arrive and inflation is modest, you are not wealthy but will remain comfortable. Or perhaps you are in your early forties, have two children in school, one has a life threatening disease, your wife has breast cancer, and you just lost your job due to outsourcing. With your job loss also is the loss of your health and life insurance benefits. Yesterday you received a foreclosure notice on your home, the home for which you paid 19 of the 20 year mortgage. Now, faced with all these uncertainties, the rich guys want you to pick yourself up by your bootstraps and survive on your own. After all, it's the American way. Isn't it? They want to end Social Security, Medicaid, cut education, unemployment benefits, reward corporations who relocate their productions out of the country , lower taxes again on the wealthiest and shut down all women's health clinics!

They say the wealthy need more so they will be able create jobs. That hasn't worked since the Regan trickle down years, has it? So, why not vote for the rich guy who has his millions in off shore accounts and wants to cut your Social Security and Medicare so he can have even more money to bank in Switzerland? Hell yeah! Go ahead and vote for the rich guy, then we can all go down to the sea shore and live happily ever after! Is that being stupid or what!?

Bigots who don't know they are bigots are often disguised as Christians, so don't even think of a higher education if you don't want to be considered a snob and learn to think! The extremism of today's conservatives leave the poor and failing middle class with two options; win the lotto or hurry up and die!

Oh what the hell, no one's perfect so let's just accept the poll workers charge that you are a stupid Democrat! The Seashore is waiting. What has happened to America? I miss the days when people were people and not elephants and donkeys! Don't you?

Carl Fazio


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