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Townhouses on Grant St. discussed

Published May 03. 2012 05:01PM

Washington Township supervisors heard Darrin Heckman's presentation about a plan for the Grant Street Townes, townhouses to be built on Grant Street, Slatedale.

The plan had been approved previously but the only part being built now is the Grant Street phase1.

It has conditional-final approval and will be withdrawn when the plan comes back for final approval. Each unit will have a one-car garage instead of the original plan for two, making three off-street parking places for each unit.

Engineer Roy Stewart had submitted a letter about a drainage easement on lot 19 only. The easement will have to be kept clean to permit infiltration. A stone-lined trench between lots 9 and 10 will also reduce water runoff by permitting infiltration. The stones, if not kept clean, will have to be replaced.

Drainage behind all 18 lots was more complicated than having one homeowner, No. 19, responsible for the easement. Access will be available behind the townhouses so someone can do something like bringing in a shed.

Stormwater is being checked by the Lehigh Valley Planning Commission. The Conservation District is responsible for approving the discharge. Stewart said he wants to attend any meetings with the Conservation District.

He said there has to be less water coming off the site after building than there is now.

The developer plans to replace pipe down to Main Street. It will discharge into a system owned by the Lehigh County Authority and permission has to be received from it.

Heckman said landscaping was discussed at the planning commission meeting. The lots are only 25-feet wide leaving little room for trees. He suggested a contribution to the township to be used for recreation in place of street trees. Solicitor John Ashley said that would require a waiver.

East Avenue is only 12 to 15 feet wide and in poor condition, By not putting in curbing the road could be widened, said Heckman. It was tabled and will not have to go back to the planning commission until the final plan is ready.

The Wildlands Conservancy requested a letter of support for a grant to update the Lehigh River Watershed Conservation Management Plan. It will be sent.

Slatedale Athletic Association and the Friedens Playground each requested their budgeted $600 donations.

Citizens Fire Company, Slatedale, requested the $71,295 that is in an account for equipment. It plans to purchase a new truck.

The township voted to remove the fire ban. Supervisor Josh Friebolin will contact 911 and tell them.

The Friedens Fire Company had requested permission from PennDOT to put up a sign saying there was a fire company exit along Route 873. It was refused at the April 3 meeting. However, the company has now been given permission to put one up facing north and one facing south, but they must come from an approved manufacturer and PennDOT must be notified so it can inspect it after it is erected.

Frieden's Fire Chief Joel Merkel said the pond along Route 873 that is a water source for the company will be drained beginning May 2. The spring will be capped so the pond can be dry for work to begin.

Elizabeth Gershman, who requested drainage help on the road past her house, thanked the township and especially Roadmaster Thomas Dengler for doing a good job.

William Kistler said the West Grant Street Bridge should be open by the end of May.

Cleanup will be June 16, 8 a.m.-1 p.m.

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