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All is fair in love; but not in this war

Published March 31. 2012 09:01AM

Dear Editor:

I really believe, it is time for everyone, most importantly our government, to begin to realize that America is involved in a "religious" war worldwide, and the sooner we all understand this, the more prepared we will all be in remaining a united "One Nation Under Our God". Our present day military armed forces fighting in Afghanistan right now have become; too shorthanded, too over worked, too battle fatigued, and too many of them are losing their incentive, and much needed initiative to continue fighting in a war which appears to have no end in sight.

How many more tragic cases like this one involving Staff Sgt. Robert Bales will we have to experience before something is done about our soldiers having to constantly endure such stressful combat situations from far too many tours of duty? I certainly do not condone the atrocities this soldier has allegedly committed, but I can understand why this sort of tragedy could happen being in this type of combat myself during the Vietnam War. Let us first consider the stressful circumstances this particular married soldier with two small children at home was up against. He had already served in three previous battle tours in Iraq, having his foot partially blown off, still suffering from a traumatic brain injury, and now being forced against his will, because of his physical and mental disabilities to want to serve in a fourth combat mission in Afghanistan.

Now, if anyone thinks it is easy to remain in control of your emotions, and to stay mentally stable under this type of a very stressful combat situation, while witnessing your buddies leg being blown off standing right next to you, then you have never seen anything this horrifying to know how you would react. I am sure no one would want to have to walk in Sgt. Bales combat boots after experiencing this, as he did. I have become very much against war since my tour in Vietnam, because war is literally "Hell on Earth". War should only be declared if it is absolutely necessary as a last resort in defense of our American homeland. I would hate to envision the draft being enacted again, but if America continues to get involved in these foreign conflicts, I am sure the draft will be necessary to prevent soldiers like Sgt. Bales from breaking down to this extent, from obviously being overly indulged in violent combat situations too many times with his mental state of mind.

Ironically, an example to prove the unfairness of this war is in the most likely inevitable fate of this once valiant and courageous soldier in arms, known as Sgt. Robert Bales. He will probably be quickly prosecuted, judged, and then punished for his so called; "crimes against humanity" which could lead to his execution, or spending the rest of his life in prison.

Whereas, in comparison let's consider the case of Major Hasan, the fanatical Muslim psychiatrist once serving in our military, who willfully murdered 13 unsuspecting, innocent, unarmed soldiers, while wounding 29 others in broad daylight. He committed this horrific act of violence, while he was stationed on a well secured military base here in America, and has not yet been put on trial over two and a half years later. Our judicial system is still debating on whether this terrorist enemy of the American people should be considered insane before his trial, so his punishment will go much easier on him.

Our own government seems to give more "human rights" consideration to our countries enemies then they give to our own soldiers fighting in our defense, when they have become victims in an uncontrollable circumstance such as this War in Afghanistan. Staff Sgt. Robert Bales along with many other stressed out soldiers are being repeatedly thrust into a hopeless, mind boggling, and life threatening environment involving guerilla warfare with no sure solution. They are up against a relentless enemy you cannot possibly identify, because they hide among innocent civilians, and to be in this kind of a continuing predicament day in and day out can understandably drive anyone to their breaking point. This is what is so "unfair" about this type of War.

John M. "Jack" Selby


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