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The stepping stones to martial law

Published March 24. 2012 09:01AM

The administration had a definite goal in mind when they planned legislation and a recent Executive Order. These actions permit the President to declare martial law and control everything from the car you drive to the food you eat. To prepare for the Executive Order, which will be discussed later in this article, two acts were necessary. The first was the Enemy Expatriation Act. This act enables the government to strip Americans of their citizenship for very loosely defined "hostile" acts against the government. The summary says it all "To add engaging in or supporting hostilities against the United States to the list of acts for which United States nationals would lose their nationality." Simply attending a Tea Party rally in Washington DC protesting the government's tax policies could be deemed a "hostile" act. As a result, the Tea Party members could lose their citizenship.

Once an American is stripped of their citizenship, the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) can be used to incarcerate them for the rest of their lives without being charged and without a trial. The name of this legislation misleads one into believing that it applies to our enemies. Only by reading the bill do you realize that the name is camouflaging the true intent of the bill: to incarcerate our fellow citizens without due process of law. I wrote an article in the past on these laws, which you can view at

The third step in this unconstitutional infringement on the rights of American citizens was signed into law last Friday (March 16, 2012). The Executive Order For National Defense Resources Preparedness ( gives the President unlimited power any time he feels the United States is threatened. The supposed reason for this Executive Order is the concern that Iran may block the Straits of Hormuz creating an oil shortage. If the Iranians blocked the Straits of Hormuz, it is considered a financial threat to America. Once the threat is declared by the President, the Departments of Agriculture, Energy, Health and Human Services, Labor, Transportation and Defense are given extraordinary powers to usurp the rights of American citizens. The Secretaries of these Departments are given power equal to the President's power through this Executive Order.

Please take a few minutes to carefully read the Executive Order. Read it in a quiet place where you will not be disturbed. Carefully consider each paragraph as the document addresses the takeover of our society and our property. The government will have the ability to take over manufacturing plants and factories and retool them to make whatever goods the government desires. They can also take over services and critical technology if they so choose. In my humble opinion this means that the government can seize personal property including patents.

Under this Executive Order, the government has the ability to ration food and determine how it is allocated. They can even take over farms and use conscripted labor to harvest the crops. The Selective Service can be reactivated at the request of the President to restore the draft for the armed services. The return of the draft sounds innocent enough. Anyone who has been in the military knows that when they leave the service, they can be called back up for 10 years after they are discharged. I believe that this Executive Order will be used to recall soldiers to be used to enforce martial law. Last week, the Department of Homeland Security purchased 450 million rounds of .40-caliber ammunition. That is more bullets than we have people in the United States of America. Forty caliber rounds are used primarily in semiautomatic handguns such as the Smith and Wesson Military and Police pistol. If the ex-military are recalled to active duty, they could be issued handguns so that they can enforce martial law. Why else would the government order so many rounds? The contract with the supplier is renewable each year for 5 years, for a total of 2 billion, 250 million rounds of ammunition. ( The administration must be planning a very long-term action against the American people to require this amount of ammunition.

Under this Executive Order, any material bound for the civilian market can be confiscated. The government can take over any and all forms of civilian transportation including your car or truck, and, if you are so lucky, your personal jet plane. The administration has the ability take over all forms of energy including gasoline, diesel and even electricity. Electricity is required to run the factories and industrial facilities that they can confiscate as mentioned above. The government is authorized to stockpile any commodity they believe they need or any components required to manufacture essential goods.

Gas rationing can be implemented with a stroke of Obama's pen. If you currently own a vehicle which the President does not consider fuel efficient, you will not be able to purchase any gas for it. (This could be how the President achieves his 54.5 mile- per-gallon vehicles as required by the EPA). Once they take our oil and gas and ration our food, they might as well take one more step and take over our water resources. Yes, the government confiscation of water resources is in this Executive Order. My question is: Can they take water from my well in my backyard? I'll bet they will use their recalled soldiers to take what they need, when they need it. The only thing I could not find in the Executive Order was the confiscation of civilian guns. This was probably left out so as not to bring on the wrath of the National Rifle Association.

What the President did not realize when he signed this Executive Order is that Americans will voluntarily do whatever is needed to protect our country. If we were facing a serious threat and the government needed trucks, the American people would provide the trucks and they would drive them to wherever the government needs them. If after a disaster such as Hurricane Katrina food were needed to feed the displaced fellow citizens, the American people would come together and feed the hungry. If people's homes were destroyed, the American people would assist the refugees by providing food and shelter, heat and clothing. We don't need an Executive Order for this. Americans look after each other!

So what is the real purpose of the Executive Order? In my opinion, it is another method of wealth redistribution. The government can take your cars and give them to the poor. The government can take your food and distribute it as they see fit. They can take your property without payment and use it as they please.

What concerns me most is that my fellow Americans are not aware of this Executive Order and the impact it will have on our way of life. Each of us must ensure that our neighbors are aware of this Order. Then they must write their congressmen and women to have this heinous order withdrawn. A failure to act now could result in the end of our constitutional freedoms and the beginning of a dictatorship that uses martial law as a weapon against our own citizens.

© 2012 Gordon Smith - All Rights Reserved

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