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Let's report the whole story

Published March 17. 2012 09:01AM

Dear Editor:

I am writing because I am so sick of hearing and reading about our nation's military being bashed over and over again for the actions of a few who committed wrong doing. A little balance in reporting the whole story would be a good start.

If our nation's journalists would spend as much time and energy reporting the heartfelt and sacrificing stories of our brothers and sisters in the sandbox as they do in reporting the mistakes of the few, our citizens would better understand the goals and purposes of our nations continued involvement in these countries that harbor and breed radical Islamic terrorism. If they wrote the stories of our men and women who helped bring Afghan families peace and security back to their villages, stories of the soldiers, marines, airmen and sailors who brought water, food, medicine, school books, clothing, law and order and many other life changing things that we here in America take for granted.

Talk to the Afghan father that watched his children's lives saved because the soldier in his village sacrificed his life instead. Interview the Afghan mother who is able to lay down at night knowing she won't be awakened in the middle of the night because she is being raped by three Taliban thugs. Listen, better yet, record and film the voices and smiles of the Afghan children who are for the first time in their little lives are walking to school.

Of the hundreds of thousands of men & woman who have served in this war on terror there are a minuet few that have made critically bad decisions. What about the other 99 percent plus that have served honorably and made a real difference in the lives of the Afghan people and of the future of the citizens of our United States and others around the world who cherish FREEDOM. My point is this, regardless of whether or not you believe our nation should leave or stay, regardless of your religious views, regardless if you are a republican or democrat or even if you don't care either way about anything, it is about time and only fair to have the WHOLE story reported.

SSG Chuck Byers

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