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The administration continues to stumble

Published March 17. 2012 09:01AM

The Obama administration continues to outdo themselves when it comes to making stupid decisions. The worst decision of the week is providing classified information on our missile defenses to the Russians. We have placed interceptor missiles in strategic locations around the world to create a defensive umbrella for the United States and our allies. Now, the administration wants to provide technical information to the Russians that would enable them to defeat our missile defenses as part of an "exchange" of data. The stated reason for this asinine strategy is to protect Europe from an Iranian missile strike. In return for the information that can defeat our defenses, the Russians "may" provide us with some tracking data from their radar sites. They will not give us their radar technology nor will they give us access to their bases. The administration wants to give up our shield as a gesture of cooperation. That failed in 1933 and 1938 with Hitler's Germany and it will eventually fail with the Russians.

Since President Obama did not go to school in the United States in the 1950s, he was not exposed to the nuclear drills that were conducted on a regular basis. During the Cold War, a special alarm would ring at our school. When it rang we were instructed to leave the classroom and go into the hallway. Each child was assigned a specific spot to stand. I will never forget when one of my friends asked why we had to stand in a specific spot. The teacher replied that should there be a nuclear strike they wanted to know which shadow belonged to which student. Needless to say the teacher had many crying students on her hands when the students realized they would be vaporized in a nuclear attack. The Russians were prepared to destroy us in the 1950s and they are prepared to destroy us today. Providing them with information that would enable them to knock out our missile defenses is not only dumb ass stupid but it places our country in a perilous situation.

Not to be outdone, the administration through the Justice Department made several decisions this week that defy logic. Texas passed a law requiring voters to present photo ID when they are voting. This seems reasonable to me. After all, we don't want illegal aliens or other ineligible voters submitting votes. Nor do we want people voting at multiple polling locations using different names. While these activities are illegal, voter fraud is a common occurrence. We must present photo ID when going into buildings, when boarding planes, when applying for a library card and when applying for a job. I believe that all voters should be required to present valid ID before they are permitted to vote.

In Alabama, the Justice Department launched an appeal against a state law that prevented illegal immigrants from obtaining a drivers license. Their appeal is based on the premise that immigration is a federal issue beyond the jurisdiction of the states. Prior to this law, Alabama was flooded with illegal aliens working in the sub-economy. An interesting byproduct of the law was that illegal aliens fled the state causing farmers to complain that they lost a cheap workforce. (The farmers were in violation of federal immigration laws by hiring illegal workers). Under the existing federal law employers hiring illegal immigrants are subject to arrest. Prosecuting employers who knowingly hire illegals would be a good way to reduce the deficit through asset seizures. Alabama should be congratulated for picking up the slack when the Department of Justice failed to enforce federal immigration legislation. Instead they are vilified by Eric Holders Injustice Department. Alabama must also pay the cost of defending their law in court against Eric Holder and his unlimited federal funding.

Here in Pennsylvania, our laws favor the illegal immigrant. They're eligible for food stamps and welfare as well as free medical care. We even make it easy for them to vote. All an illegal alien has to do to get a valid Pennsylvania drivers license is apply for one. For identification, they can present a utility bill or magazine that has their name on it, a bank statement or a tax notice. If they do not have these documents, a friend with a valid drivers license or photo ID and a utility bill or bank statement can vouch for them so they can get a drivers license. ( Once they have the license, they can use it to complete the voter registration process. If they download the document from the Internet, they can apply to vote by mail using their newly acquired drivers license. They can also use the Pennsylvania license to get licenses in other states.

On another subject, our Iraqi "allies" stoned 90 teenagers to death in the last month. They used concrete blocks to crush their arms and legs and then to crush their skulls. Their crime was to have an American type haircut that was unacceptable to the Mutawa (religious police). The Iraqi Interior Ministry ordered the Mutawa to stamp out the youths sporting EMO style haircuts and tight clothing. The ministry believes that the haircuts and clothing are a form of Satanism and the youths must be killed. Since the second Iraqi war began in early 2003 almost 4,500 of our troops died to bring peace, prosperity and freedom to the Iraqi people. Now the Shia religious leaders and militants, openly supported by the Iraqi government, are returning to medieval torture techniques to suppress their youth and to prevent the acceptance of western ideals, standards and values. (

As a result of these executions, we can expect that the Iraqi people will again be living in fear of their government. The death of Saddam Hussein, the despicable dictator, changed the government, and we thought ended a brutal reign of terror. Now, it is clear that the Iraqi government has reverted to Saddam's barbaric techniques to control the population. Unless the Obama administration and other world leaders speak out against these atrocities, we can expect that the Iraqi government will institute an Ayatollah Khomeini type, ruthless regime. This will further destabilize the Middle East. This time, we should let the Iraqis fight it out themselves. They are not worth another drop of our precious blood and treasure.

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