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Open season on Christians

Published March 03. 2012 09:01AM

Christians are at a definite disadvantage in today's world. They can be beaten and tortured by Muslims and there is no outrage. Christian churches can be blown up or even burned with the church members locked inside and there is no outrage. They can be kidnapped and held hostage in Egypt by the Muslim military rulers of that country and there is no outrage.

Our government continues to pay off the Egyptian dictators. Christians are again the main attraction in these modern day circuses as they were centuries ago. Yet there still is no outrage. There are no protests. The mainstream media remains silent as Christians are massacred for their beliefs.

But as soon as two Korans are accidentally burned, the Muslim world erupts into violent protests and bloodthirsty crowds go on a rampage. The mainstream press is suddenly awakened by this insult to Islam, giving it front-page coverage and sparking even more bloodshed. The press believes it is newsworthy to cover the accidental burning of a couple of Korans, but not the willful massacres carried out by Muslims seeking revenge. Not content with murdering over 40 Christians without fear of reprisal, the current anti-Christian jihad continues without abating.

An Afghani intelligence official killed two of our officers, a lieutenant colonel and a major, in cold blood. These officers were assisting the Afghanis in the defense of their country. In response to this attack, NATO has withdrawn their staff members from Afghani government agencies. The murderer has not been caught and will likely end up a hero, living a life of luxury in a Libyan villa, maybe even with the Lockabee bomber as his neighbor. (

Meanwhile our President foolishly apologized for the burning of the Korans. This act is even worse than his subservient and embarrassing bow before the King of Saudi Arabia. If an apology really was required, and I do not think one was, then it should have been handled locally by field commanders or our ambassador to Afghanistan. That the apology was rejected only makes our President seem as ineffective as he is. Furthermore, the President's apology may have led to the recent massacre of our troops.

All Americans should be disgusted by the actions of our President in apologizing to the Afghanis. Mr. Santorum correctly criticized the President for issuing the apology, the only Republican candidate to do so.

The events in Afghanistan demonstrate that the Afghanis will never live in peace. The Afghanis have been fighting each other for generations. The Russians fought them between 1979 and 1989. They withdrew in a defeat often called the Russian Viet Nam. With all of their might, the Russians could not defeat the mujahideen, who surprisingly were backed by our government. Now the tables are turned. We are fairing no better. So far, over 1,700 of our men and women have lost their lives in this undeclared war.

There are no American interests in this country. They do not have oil or any product that we need. There are no American companies to protect. It is time to withdraw our troops and let the Afghanis settle this themselves. Some say our withdrawal will result in Afghanistan becoming a home for terrorists intent on attacking America.

My response is that if they attack us, we should respond by bombing their camps and bases using our long-range bombers. We should respond quickly, and if possible preemptively, with very deadly force to any threats from this Islamic caliphate.

Afghanistan was not the only country where Muslims rampaged against Christians this week. In Libya, Muslim protestors defiled a British military cemetery. They desecrated the graves of British and Allied soldiers killed in World War II liberating their country from the Germans. These soldiers have been dead for approximately 70 years. What did they have to do with the Koran burning? Why should our dead heroes be drawn into this madness?(

Did these thugs think that desecrating the graves of long dead British, American and Canadian soldiers was the way to protest the Koran burnings? Where is the logic here? I have to conclude that radical Muslims, whether they are burning churches in Egypt, desecrating graves in Libya or lobbing hand grenades into compounds filled with American soldiers are very different from us. They show no restraint. There is no rational logic in their actions. So far, only one Muslim has spoken out against crimes committed by Muslims. The rest of the Muslim community remains silent, probably in fear for their lives at the hands of their fellow brothers in God.

The Islamists are known for extracting revenge from their critics, even fellow Muslims. This week, a Belgium politician had to go into hiding for criticizing Muslims for murdering Dutch Film maker Theo van Gogh. Mr. van Gogh's crime was including the poor treatment of Muslim women in a documentary he was making. For that, Muslims executed him. Now the politician who spoke out against this crime is in hiding, fearing for her life.

For two thousand years, Christians have turned the other cheek when they were persecuted. But there has to be a limit. We must defend ourselves against radical Muslims. It is also time to withdraw our troops from Afghanistan and other places where our presence is not desired. Let the Afghanis work out their own problems. Bring our troops home now. We must stop losing our blood and treasure defending people who do not like us and do not want us in their country.

As for Muslims who kill others, they should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. Instead, we provide them with a new soccer field in Guantanamo Bay at a cost of $750,000 so they can play games at taxpayer expense. ( When will this madness end? These people are awaiting trial for murdering or conspiring to murder American citizens. They are in prison for a reason. Why should they have a soccer field when Americans in Islamic nations are tortured and executed just for being American?

We should treat the prisoners in Guantanamo properly. Their rights should be protected. They should have access to lawyers and Imams as they wait for trial. But giving them a soccer field is insulting. Let them sit in their cells until their trial and if they are found to be guilty, their executions.

We should treat them the same way that the 16 American hostages currently being held in Egyptian jails are being treated. You can be assured that Egypt is not building them a soccer field. ( As this article indicates, the Egyptian Muslims are willing to scrap the treaty with Israel and use our own citizens as hostages to ensure that their corrupt officials continue to receive their billions in bribe money from the U.S. Treasury.

© 2012 Gordon Smith - All Rights Reserved

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