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A far more insidious enemy

Published March 03. 2012 09:01AM

I watched an interesting documentary a few weeks back in which a country was dealing with a struggle between two factions, an elitist group and an upstart radical group.

The leader of the radical group was attracting crowds by creating a frenzy in which he accused the rich of suppressing the poor and holding them back. He felt the rich should be taught a lesson and made to pay for having gotten ahead. Over time that leader was elected to be the head of his country and within five months he totally dismantled the democratic government by usurping control and destroying his enemies and within the next eight years the entire world was forced to fight Adolf Hitler and squash his socialist Nazi party.

World War II was a fight for liberty and freedom the likes of which we never saw. On one side were dictators and emperors wanting to subjugate the planet and exterminate those who did not see eye-to-eye with them. Fortunately there were brave men and women who stood up to these tyrants and prevented them from destroying freedom globally. Our grandfathers and great-grandfathers fought Hitler and Mussolini and Tojo and many of them including one of my grandmother's cousins died to protect the ideals of this country and we should never forget that. I know I am eternally grateful not only to those who saved this country for us today, but also to my friends and peers in all branches of the service who offer their lives for our continued freedom.

My friends and readers, we are under attack from a far more insidious enemy than Hitler and Mussolini. We are in a philosophical war for our freedom at this point. It is not being fought with weapons and blood at least not on one front. It's being fought through laws and over-regulation of this nation.

We have allowed extremists to usurp our thoughts and gain an unhealthy influence over our lives by believing they know what is best for us and allowing them to counter common sense with their harebrained schemes and willingness to cede personal responsibility for alleged comfort and security.

If you have not read George Orwell, I implore you to read his books now. The parallels between his books and this nation's leadership and current way of life is scarily uncanny. "Animal Farm" is his metaphoric version of the rise of communism and socialism in a free society and how it destroys freedom from within piece by piece. With rhetoric about class warfare and the rich and creating feigned jealousy to fan the flames of violence. Sound familiar?

People do not want to know the truth but the rhetoric of the one percent and the rich oppressing us the working class is a direct rip-off of socialistic talking points and communist theory. It's being plastered all over us today. Maybe our leaders don't realize where this originates, but unfortunately I think they do.

Our leaders are supposed to be scholarly and educated people so there is no way on this good Earth that they are ignorant of where this rhetoric started. Dividing the classes and setting the poor at the throats of the rich is the first step toward communism and we are traveling down this path like dumb sheep.

When are we going to say enough? The terrifying part is I don't think enough of us exist to want to stop this slide. The sure sign of how distressed we are is how willing we are to toss away our principles and fight among the population instead of targeting our frustrations at the people who can fix these problems namely our leaders.

Obviously we are not a communist country and I'm not implying we are but if we were to view a countdown clock that measures between a democratic republic and a socialistic or communist country, I think the hands would be closer to the socialist end of the spectrum than the other side. It is just a fact at this point. This government mandated health program is the largest socialistic program this country has ever created and it is counter to the tenets of a free country. Contrary to socialist apologists the measure of socialism is when the government forcibly requires or mandates its citizens to participate in its programs. I have heard it argued that we are already in a socialist country and our military, police and schools are held up as examples.

Close but no cigar. Unlike government mandated healthcare, those other institutions are not forced upon us. We are not forcibly held at bay by the military and as long as we comply with the laws the police do not follow us around forcing laws on us. Likewise while public schools exist for our children, there is no requirement that our students MUST attend them. We are allowed to opt out of these. Socialistic governments do not allow one to opt out of its programs which is why Obamacare is a socialist healthcare agenda advanced by a leadership that is determined to move us further away from freedom of choice, and it is wrong.

Animal Farm describes this country at this point scarily well. We have a legislature that lives above the laws it enacts on us. They are allowed to circumvent the laws such as those dealing with insider trading so they take advantage of their positions to feather their nests as one example. Just like in Animal Farm, we are all equal but some of us are more equal than others. This mentality has to end and this government needs to lead by example.

One way to do so is to get those 538 people in the legislature to start acting like public servants instead of pompous elitists.

Til next time …

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