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Mahoning Township resident complains of a water runoff problem

Published June 14. 2012 05:01PM

A Mahoning Township resident returned to the board of supervisors with photographs of a problem resulting in a large amount of water run-off on his property whenever it rains.

Richard Mertz claims the problem results from a combination of a neighbor installing a concrete pad along with action taken by former road crew personnel to remove a drainage pipe at Springhouse Road and Ebberts Lane. Mertz, who lives across from Ebberts Lane, told supervisors the water just runs off the road onto his property and is causing problems.

"I'm sure you don't know where this is," Mertz said in his opening remark.

Chairperson John Wieczorek quickly interjected that not only did he know where the location was, but the road crew supervisor, township supervisor Frank Ruch and he visited the area last Thursday.

"I was there two days after the rain and saw the water still running down Ebberts Lane to Springhouse Road," Wieczorek said. "We decided that we would fill the depression there with a larger stone to bring it up to the level of the roadway. That will build up the corner you are mentioning."

Mertz told him it would not stop or solve the issue with water running across Springhouse Road. Wieczorek countered that there was no water running when he was there two days after the last rain, but water was flowing down Ebberts Lane.

"There was a drainpipe that kept water from running on the road, but the road crew took it out at some point," Mertz said, adding that the pipe carried the water from Ebberts Lane under the road so it would not create a run off situation.

Wieczorek asked where the water would go if the pipe carried it under Springhouse Road. Mertz said the water goes under the road and then runs down along it on the opposite side of the street.

Without the pipe, the water runs down Ebberts Lane, flowing on the same side of the road until it hits the neighbor's concrete pad and then spills across the street.

Mertz said not only do they need to put the pipe under the road but the pad should have a gutter placed on it to help the water drain without crossing the road. Wieczorek again pointed out that it seemed to him the bigger problem with water crossing the road was from the run off on Ebberts Lane.

"It's not the water running down Ebberts Lane," Mertz said. "It's the concrete pad. They need to put a gutter in the pad. I don't know where you see water coming down Ebbert's Lane."

Wieczorek responded by saying he was not there alone and that all three, Ruch, Ron Reeser and himself witnessed the run-off.

Supervisor Travis Steigerwalt suggested Mertz get photos during a storm event to show how the water was flowing. He told Mertz he could see the way the pad could cause the diversion of the water.

Wieczorek told him the road crew would be building up the depression created by the water flow with larger stone over Mertz's protests that it was temporary and would get washed away eventually.

Steigerwalt concluded the discussion by suggesting that this was the reason the board needed to enforce the driveway ordinance and make sure people put swales on their driveways when they pave them.

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