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What can you buy for $84,000,000?

Published June 09. 2012 09:01AM

Dear Editor:

Man, the evening news is getting more and more depressing! Especially the political news.

News? What's new about the way politicians spend our money? Our fearless leader just raised $84 million dollars (and that's what was reported!) and I wonder how much of his time is wasted on fundraising and not on solving (or even trying to solve) the economic mess this country is in?

I don't know the specifics (I'm not that old) but I do recall President Truman saying to the effect that the President has great power to persuade Congress (and within his Constitutional rights). So, why can't President Obama get Congress off their posteriors and get the country moving in a positive direction? I'm almost ashamed to say what political party I belong to because they are playing the finger pointing game like little kids ..."No, I didn't …. Yes, you did.....No I didn't" ... aud nausim.

Who's to blame? The first thought to enter my convoluted mind is the lobbyists. Now, they claim not to unduly influence the politician (Yeah! Sure! About that bridge in Brooklyn). Like you'd give someone a million bucks and NOT expect something in return? (Is Mother Teresa still alive and hiding in Washington?) 84 million bucks can go a long way to feed the ever increasing unemployed. 84 million would give 840 individuals $100,000 (not too shabby but well below the cost of a house at today's prices) or 8,400 individuals $10,000 (helps but not a h- - - of a lot) or 840,000 individuals $1,000 (and I thought I never say this, but a thousand bucks just doesn't go that far maybe a month's worth of groceries for a growing family. So, let's settle on 1,680 lucky individuals who would receive $50,000 but get, after taxes, something like $32,000- plus.

There is, however, a ray of light at the end of tunnel: we are seeing more entrepreneurs insisting that their products be made in the USA! However, there is little doubt that Congress will find some way to screw it up. Three cheers for the lobbyists! Boo boo boo shame on you! Their philosophy must be: money talks and you know what walks! Have they forgotten that it was the ideals that developed this country? Have they sold their souls for the almighty dollar? What has happened to fundamental decency? Why is Social Security in financial trouble? Could it be that so many other programs have been added on to it over the years? How many people do you know who abuse it?

I'm certain there are good intentioned lobbyists. But with the 13 or 14 TRILLION dollar proposed budget, the piranhas are on a feeding frenzy. What will they feed on when there is nothing but bones to eat? I know of an individual who was going to a doctor for years and was paying $15 a visit. Then Medicare came along, a noble program, and the doctor then charged $30 a visit! Was it legal? Yes! Because Congress got its' grubby fingers into the pie.

What can be done about this waste of money and finger pointing? VOTE. Get off our collective posteriors and VOTE. But please, don't vote straight party. Think and vote for the individual who has some integrity and ideals. They're out there somewhere, let's hear from them if they have the courage to speak up! TV Think & Vote and don't become Their Vega table!!

Joseph P. Kubert

Hometown, PA

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