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Don't demonize the coal industry

Published June 09. 2012 09:01AM

Dear Editor:

I am writing in response to a letter to the editor titled "A great disservice" regarding the coal industry and Jennifer Stefano.

Rather than attack the messenger (Jennifer Stefano), perhaps her message should be heeded!

Do any of you remember that President Obama campaigned on the fact that under his administration our Utility bills would NECESSARILY SKYROCKET? Do you realize that means everyone's electric and fuel bills?

Can you afford to pay 2 to 3 times more than you already pay for electricity? Do you care that seniors are already struggling on a fixed income to pay bills? Imagine what doubling or tripling their utility costs will do to them!

Imagine what closing our coal plants will do to our economy, which is already in the tank. Let's just talk about hypocrisy for a moment. Let's see, we are supposed to be all upset about the minute amount of mercury from coal plants, but on the other hand, we are supposed to put mercury light bulbs in each one our light sockets inside our homes. Hmmm? Not only are they a much bigger hazard, because they are actually in our homes, but our, oh so wonderful, government regulatory system will be forcing us to use them by outlawing standard light bulbs, which are proven safe. Now, let's take it a step further, what happens when one of these light bulbs break? Have you read the instructions for disposal? Again, this is INSIDE YOUR home. It has also been reported that if one of these bulbs burns out, the burned out bulb should be removed immediately because it creates a fire hazard.. Hmmm and what happens if the light burns out when you are not at home? But all this is fine and dandy right?

Now where does the power come from when you turn on the switch to light your mercury light bulbs? Is there an electric tree outside just growing electricity or is it that cute little green electric fairy with her magic electricity wand just sitting in your wall waiting for you to flip the switch and POOF- lights on? Where does the electric you want to plug into your cool little electric car come from? The green electric fairy again? no from coal.

So go ahead demonize the coal industry, put it out of business tell all the coal miners and people employed by the coal industry that we don't need them anymore. Then dig really deep into your pocketbook - because you are not only destroying their jobs, PA jobs, you are causing utility bills to NECESSARILY SKYROCKET while hurting every single American. You are not saving the planet - you are just putting unnecessary burdens on the poor and middle class. My electric bill is quite high enough Thank God for coal Let's allow the Coal Industry to flourish and in the process bring much needed jobs and a huge boost to PA's economy! If the government would just get out of the way, and let private enterprise lead the way, we can continue to look for feasible alternate energy sources while moving towards energy independence for our Country's security. The Homo sapiens will not only survive, they will thrive and will be able to do so in a comfortably heated / cooled home.

The OVER regulation of industry has got to stop if our Republic is going to survive!

Sandy Dellicker

Summit Hill

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