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Dealing with the geese

Published June 02. 2012 09:01AM

Dear Editor:

I am writing you about the hoopla regarding the geese population at the Phifer Ice Dam.

As a parent with children of elementary school age. I/we frequent the park to play at the park. At baseball games, in subsequent years the geese population was so bad that every step you took you stepped in poop. I am sure you know this.

This year, however, the geese and poop has been nil, thanks to the Whitemans in procuring the swans.

Yesterday, Saturday, May 19, we were at the park for a baseball game and I spied seven geese in the second pond. I walked over to the Whitemans to let them know and as a joke said, "Hey Deb go get your shot gun there are seven geese in the pond."

She and Terry got their shoes on and went to their shed, got big long sticks and went to the pond. I witnessed first hand how they dealt with the geese in a NON lethal way. First of all they were very appreciative of me telling them about the unwanted guests before the chief and township worker were called.

Secondly, all they did with the long sticks was slap the water. The geese honked and flew away. Now you tell me how hard was that? And NON lethal. I find that it is appalling that the C.O.P. and township uses live rounds around residential areas. Is there not a law for that?

I know hunters have to abide by the no hunting around or near residences. Does that not apply to law enforcement? Why not we ask?

I think it is appalling and cruelty to animals by the way the township is handing the whole situation. I will make this promise: I will pledge $40 to purchase another swan. Who's with me?

A mother who visits the park, ponds and geese

Anna Bunge,


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