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Awards presented to Lehighton Area High School students

  • MICHAEL A. HEERY/SPECIAL TO THE TIMES NEWS C. Arthur and Elizabeth Walters Hammers Scholarship is presented to four well-rounded seniors who are in the top fifth of the class; demonstrate good citizenship; are planning to further their education;…
    MICHAEL A. HEERY/SPECIAL TO THE TIMES NEWS C. Arthur and Elizabeth Walters Hammers Scholarship is presented to four well-rounded seniors who are in the top fifth of the class; demonstrate good citizenship; are planning to further their education; and are members of two or more specified activities. Each recipient was awarded $3,000 a year for four years each. Pictured left to right are Peter Petrack; Laura Cressley; Michael Warkala; Kara Serfass, and Lehighton Area High School Principal Tim Tkach.
Published June 01. 2012 05:01PM

Lehighton Area High School held its annual Academic Awards Assembly. The following awards were presented:

Major General and Mrs. Bert A. David Award: $4,000 Jonathan Strauss

Craig L. Barry memorial Fund: $1,000 Graham Strauss

Jean Everett Memorial Nursing Scholarship: $1,000 Ashley Otto

Beverly Dolgopol Cheerleading Award: $500 Sydney Schafer

Lehighton Woman's Club Awards: $100 each Laura Cressley and Adam Reichard

Mahoning Elementary P.T.O. Awards: $200 each Mickayla Grosso and Jonathan Strauss

Arby's Senior Service Award: $100 Stephanie Slaw

Shull-David Faculty and Staff Academic Scholarships: $100 each Clair Ann Ahner, Laura Cressley, Adam Reichard, and Sydney Schafer

Mallard Markets Scholarship: $1,000 Rebecca Paules

Gregory "Segal" Ebbert Scholarship: $1,250 each Colton Davidson, Shyanne Kleintop, Nolan Linaberry, and Lindsay Simmons

Harry and Doris Hutchison Memorial Scholarship: $1,500 Jonathan Strauss

Franklin Township Lions Club Scholarships: $500 a year for two years each Peter Petrack and Lindsay Simmons

Gnaden Huetten Memorial Hospital Auxiliary Award: $500 Caitlin Roth

Brett Flexer Scholarship: $1,000 Shyanne Kleintop

Benjamin Wolfe Memorial Scholarship: $1,000 Peter Petrack

Beatrice Beltzner Memorial Award: $250 each Nicole Myrtle and Michael Warkala

Carbon County Bar Association Scholarships: $500 each Amanda Dotter and Haley Sawyer

Annual Andy Knappenberger Scholarship: $500 Peter Salerno

Fabulous Fifties Scholarships: $100 each Emily Kollar and Geordan Vincent

Class of 1957 Scholarships: $2,500 each Shyanne Kleintop and Adam Reichard

Lori Markley-Rudelitch Softball Scholarship: $250 Jena Smith

Dylan C. Krum Memorial Scholarship: $1,000 Katie Eidem

Leon Kunkle Memorial Scholarship: $500 Jayden Hensley

Lehighton Area Middle School P.T.O. Awards: $100 each Nadine Clemmer and Jason McEvoy

Elwood Miller AMVETS Post 106 Scholarship: $250 Sarah Shiner

Hunter Meckes Scholarship: $250 each Kaycie Andrew and Daniel Rossino

Lehighton Area Lioness / Lions Club Award: $250 each Justin Freeby and Catherine Varley

Times News Outstanding Journalism Student Award: $100 Sarah Shiner

Franklin Elementary P.T.O. Scholarship: $100 each Aubrey Hahn and Levi Haldeman

Ben Yorgey Memorial Award: $500 Ashley Hahn

Tamaqua B.P.O. Elks 592 Scholarship: $250 each Jennifer Barth and Derrick Zurn

Ann and Thomas Conarty, Sr. Memorial Scholarship: $100 Jena Smith

Lori Markley-Rudelitch Field Hockey Scholarship: $250 Kara Serfass

Loretta Q. Bimler Memorial Award: $500 Ashley Sensinger

St. Luke's Miners Memorial Hospital Medical Staff Academic Scholarship: $500 Nicole Myrtle

St. Luke's Miners Memorial Hospital Board of Trustees Academic Scholarship: $500 Taylor Gandy

Student Council Memorial Award: $250 Ashley Otto

Krieger Award: $250 Daniel Rossino

Class of 1928 Leni Award: $100 Katie Eidem

F.C.C.L.A. Award: $100 Amanda Bowers

Emma S. Krout Award: $150 Laura Cressley

T.J. McCall Memorial Fund Award: $500 Nicholas Mantz

Lehighton Burger King Award: $100 Bond Peter Petrack

Good Citizenship Award: Certificate from Pennsylvania State Senator Dave Argall each Justin Freeby and Kara Serfass

Good Citizenship Award: Certificate from Pennsylvania State Senator John Yudichak each Nicholas Mantz and Sydney Schafer

Diaz Family Award: $500 each Mitchell Moyer and Rachel Werley

Lehighton Electronics Award: $200 Nicholas Mantz

Susan A. Hill Memorial Scholarship: $150 Justin Freeby

Bausch and Lomb Honorary Science Award: Certificate Jacen Nalesnik

Eugene W. Flicker Scholarship: $250 Arthur Terembula

Paul and Linn Smith Music Award: $500 Laura Cressley

Senior Art Career-Bound Award: $100 Sarah Shiner

Markley Art Award in Memory of Cynthia Rogal: $25 each Daniel Rossino and Megan Turpin

Conrad A. Sthare Photography Award: $100 each Tiffany Derr and Pat Verrastro

Gachtin Bambil Award: $150 Taylor Gandy

Poe Business Award: $500 Christopher Fairchild

Lehighton Area High School Faculty Award: $300 Sydney Schafer

Lehighton Area Education Association Scholarship in Memory of Daniel I. Farren: $1,000 Jena Smith and $500 Laura Cressley

Mamie T. Lynaugh Scholarship: $800 Sydney Schafer

Keith J. Henritzy Memorial Award: $1,000 Taylor Otto

Earle R. Koons Scholarships: $500 each Jennifer Barth, Alexandra Fabian, Justin Freeby, Nathan Kresge, Joseph Oriel, Krista Rehrig, Steven Shanton, Sarah Shiner, Lindsay Simmons, Kacie Smalley, Megan Turpin, and Justin Ziegenfus

William H. and Sadie S. Long Scholarship: $900 Ashley Sensinger

Bowmanstown Parryville Lions Club Award: $300 Nicholas Mantz

East Penn Elementary Faculty and Staff Scholarship: $200 each Laura Cressley and Adam Reichard

East Penn Elementary P.T.O. Scholarship: $100 Kacie Smalley

Mahoning Township Lions Club Award: $250 each Adam Reichard and Kara Serfass

Fraternal Order of Police Scholarship: $100 Peter Salerno

The Hill Family Scholarship: $2,500 a year for two years Evalina Heckman

Shull-David P.T.O. Scholarship: $100 Derrick Zurn

Dwight D. Eisenhower Award for Outstanding Leader of Character: School plaque and invitation to Award Recognition Day at West Point Matthew Schweitzer

L.A.E.S.P. Vocational and Business Scholarship: $250 each Teah Garrison and Alexander Storm

Mary E. Kramer Scholarship: $400 Kyrsten Monteiro

Arlene Ronemus Scholarship: $500 each Anthony Farole and James Sverchek

Class of 2002 Scholarship: $100 Shyanne Kleintop

Marian Christman Scholarship: $1,000 each Isabelle Chew, Zachary Coleman, Caitlin Roth, Haley Sawyer, and Sydney Schafer

Army Reserve National Scholar Athlete Award: Medal and certificate each Nicholas Mantz and Kara Serfass

Class of 1943 Scholarship: $100 -- Eric Whiteman

Dowd Foundation Scholarship: $1,250 a year for two years each - Shane George and Jessica Pell

Lehigh Fire Company # 1 Scholarship: $1,000 each Mickayla Grosso and Alyssa Schleicher

C. Arthur and Elizabeth Walters Hammers Scholarship: $3,000 a year for four years each Laura Cressley, Peter Petrack, Kara Serfass, and Michael Warkala

Dr. Roland Wotring Scholarship: $2,500 a year for four years Jayden Hensley and Stacey Kerschner

Congratulating all of the award recipients, LAHS Principal Tim Tkach concluded the Academic Awards Assembly by pointing out, "Hard work DOES pay off."

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