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The case for life beyond the grave

Published July 21. 2012 10:55AM

I was surfing the web last night and found a fascinating story that adds yet another anecdotal experience to the case for life after death and begs the questions as to whether we live on.

According to the website Paranormal Review (, Faye Aldridge author of "Real Messages From Heaven" revealed her husband was diagnosed in 2005 with cancer and died about 21 days after the diagnosis.

Within the first hours after his death both his neurosurgeon Dr. Arthur Cushman and oncologist Dr. Carl Willis claim they were visited by the recently deceased.

In fact both men saw him in their homes before they even learned of his death. They have testified about this incident not only in her book but on television news programs as well. The website quotes Dr. Cushman as saying that "He was holding his arms up and was surrounded by this light. He said, 'This is wonderful and don't ever worry about dying.'" Dr. Willis reported that he knew what had happened as soon as he saw the man and he was "amazed."

This is not the first time I have read or heard of such encounters with recently deceased persons. In my many years of investigations I have run into cases of life after death that just simply cannot be easily explained. There are several stories that bring into question the finality of death and while none of them can be proven in a laboratory, I believe they are just as valid as the atom or DNA. Scientists and die-hard skeptics continue to be hung up on evidence, but no matter what evidence is presented it just is not good enough.

Yes there are many hoaxers in the world, but every so often a true case does appear that has no explanation. It does not fit in the boxes in which these people want them to easily sit. Their response typically is something to the effect "Well it cannot be explained." Many of these people are atheists as well which is consistent with their refusal to accept that which has no explanation so they deny its existence.

Joe Nickell, a columnist in the Skeptical Inquirer magazine spent a night on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory and attempted to explain away everything with matrixing which is the process of our brain finding patterns in chaos, neurological anomalies and imaginations. Yet, George repeatedly asked him about that minuscule number of cases that hypothetical one percent that has no natural explanation.

Nickell would not concede to the remotest possibility that with no rational and natural explanation, something could have a paranormal reason.

Science believes in duplicating results, in being able to reproduce a process repeatedly and getting a predictable result. Everything science believes is based on this paradigm which is the basis of the scientific method.

The problem is the world is too varied and conditions so infinite that I do not believe some things can be reproduced. We live in individual moments in time. Every second is precious and no matter how hard we try each instant in time is unique. Quantum physics supports this idea as well, but so does common sense.

You cannot unread this column. It is a part of you now. You cannot read it the first time again. Try as we might there are instants that will never be repeated and cannot be duplicated completely. A child's first word, the first time you ride a bicycle, the birth of a child and so on.

All of these instances are unique and while we can replicate the experiences and do several times each day, they cannot be duplicated as we already know what happens and we are unable to go back in time to truly duplicate it. With a paranormal experience, I believe this is the case as well.

No matter how hard you try, the conditions that created the experience will not ever be the same again. They may be similar but they cannot be the same.

Another argument Nickell has against life after death is his belief that our physical body creates us and there is nothing besides the brain. We have no spirit and no soul so when the brain stops in his opinion, we cease to exist. My opinion which is just as valid is that when the body ceases it releases a soul that is a form of energy and with it goes the vital thoughts at the time of death.

This cohesion of energy could last seconds or last years before that energy dissipates. At some point our souls join with the force or energy that created the Universe which is what people call God or the Creator. God is that master force that encompasses all and we are a part of this universal energy.

If Nickell wants to prove that the idea of a soul is wrong, I would challenge him as I have done before to prove that all of the electrical energy is produced by cells and that there is no extra unknown amount. With the advances in neuro-technology, this is possible in my opinion. That would prove the case once and for all I believe, but its implications could be earth shattering.

Do you think there is life after death? Have you had an encounter with a loved one from beyond the grave? If so, I would love to hear about it and all anecdotes will remain confidential. Write me at

Til next time …

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