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Ode to My Nightie

Published July 14. 2012 09:01AM

O Nightie, My Nightie,

You are my friend.

You cover my jiggles,

You cover my rear end.

From numerable washings,

You are soft beyond measures,

I wouldn't call you threadbare,

But you can see all my treasures.

Even though you are old,

And have a few tatters,

Your value is gold,

Despite the paint spatters.

I know I should replace you,

But good gosh almighty!

I'd be nothing but blue,

If I threw away my Nightie!

Do you have a favorite nightgown, pair of pj's, something you wear to go to bed or lounge around in after 8 p. m.?

Do you find yourself out shopping or having a long hard day and all you can think about is getting home so you can put on your nightie?

That would be my butter yellow-with-little-blue-flowers nightie. It is sleeveless and goes to just above my knee. Oh, I have others. But this one just feels soft and right when I want to get comfortable after a long day.

The only trouble is, I tend to over wear it. Like, if I get up on a Saturday morning and decide to do a little baking, I'll do it in my nightie. But then I have to throw it in the wash because I tend to get whatever I'm making all over it.

Or I'm working on a painting project and because it's so cool and comfortable, I'll paint in it in the evening. So, there are a few paint spatters here and there.

And when I'm not feeling too well, only wearing my nightie gives me any comfort.

It's beginning to show its wear and I'm very reluctant to toss it away. What if I can't find one that will be just as good?

Down through the years I've had other favorites.

I don't remember any in my very early years but there was a light turquoise pair of pajamas I had as a kid that I just loved. One memory of them is a summer night, just coming out of a bath, putting on my pj's and Mom letting me go outside to catch lightning bugs.

Remember Baby Dolls? Too cute! I had one set that made me feel all girlie. I thought that if a certain boy could ever see me in my pretty baby blue Baby Dolls, he'd be mine forever. Just like in an Annette Funicello and Frankie Avalon movie. Yeah right. Like that would ever have happened. I lived the life of a cloistered nun. But you know how 14-year-old girls are.

When Harry and I first got married, I gave up wearing pj's. They seemed so, oh I don't know ... unfeminine. So I wore these pretty little nighties with lace, even though they were itchy and scratchy. That lasted right up until reality hit, otherwise known as winter. It's hard to look pretty and feminine in warm flannel pj's and socks but survival won out. I figured he married me for better or worse and I believed it would be better for him if he accepted me at my nighttime worst.

A few years ago, along came menopause.

My motto became, "No nightie is a good nightie."

I mean, why bother, if you have to change it every couple of hours from the night sweats?

Nightwear Commando is the only way to go.

Now I find comfort is everything.

After 41 years of mostly wedded bliss, Harry and I have seen each other at our betters and worses (yes, I'm not sure that's an acceptable word but ...). Now like many an old married couple, we find we can still love one another despite wearing a pair of old droopy Flyers pajama pants with a Pittsburgh Steelers jersey and a slightly worn-out yellow nightie with blue flowers which, in my opinion, is worthy of an Ode.

O Nightie, My Nightie...

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