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Details emerge on Coaldale vehicular incident

  • Larry Neff/special to the Times News Ambulance and police personnel at the scene of last Saturday's Coaldale domestic incident, which led to the charges being filed against George Bonetsky. His wife, Angelique, is in stable condition at Lehigh…
    Larry Neff/special to the Times News Ambulance and police personnel at the scene of last Saturday's Coaldale domestic incident, which led to the charges being filed against George Bonetsky. His wife, Angelique, is in stable condition at Lehigh Valley Hospital.
Published January 17. 2012 05:01PM

A Coaldale man whom police believe deliberately struck his wife of 17 years with his pickup truck on Saturday afternoon remains in Schuylkill County Prison under $50,000 straight cash bail.

George J. Bonetsky IV, 34, of 262 Fourth St., is charged with felony aggravated assault, simple assault, recklessly endangering another person and reckless driving.

The victim, Angelique Bonetsky, is in stable condition at Lehigh Valley Hospital, Salisbury Township.

According to an affidavit of probable cause filed by patrolman Scott Cramer, here's what happened:

Cramer was called to the scene of a pedestrian struck by a vehicle at about 4:30 p.m. and found Angelique Bonetsky lying on the ground between a Ford F250 pickup and a Ford Ranger pickup. Both trucks were facing the same direction, with the Ranger parked on the side of the street and the F250, still running, in the travel lane about 10 inches from the side of the Ranger.

Angelique was lying toward the back of the trucks, with her feet to the back tires. Witnesses told Cramer the driver of the F250, identified as George Bonetsky, had struck her as she stood by the Ranger's driver's side door.

Cramer asked Bonetsky to move his truck to allow emergency medical crews access to his wife. He then asked Bonetsky what had happened, and Bonetsky said something had gotten stuck under his gas pedal and he was unable to stop.

Cramer then spoke with a witness who said she was standing on the sidewalk when Angelique was struck. The witness told Cramer that the couple was moving into the home and had been arguing. The witness said Bonetsky had left the house angry, and that when he returned, he had come up the street very fast and struck Angelique.

Bonetsky again told Cramer he was unable to stop the truck and that it had swerved. He said he and Angelique are married for 17 years and that he would never hurt her.

Cramer also spoke with a witness who said she and her mother-in-law had heard the couple arguing from their home across the street, and that the Bonetskys had been screaming and yelling obscenities at each other.

The witness said she walked to the corner of Fourth and High streets and saw Bonetsky drive from the area of High Street to Fifth Street.

He was driving normally, she said, and stopped at a stop sign. She said that as he turned onto Fourth Street, he stepped on the gas and went up Fourth very fast.

The witness said she heard tires squealing, and screaming. She looked back to see Angelique on the ground and ran to help. The witness said she heard Bonetsky say he had hit the brakes and that the truck had swerved.

Cramer's investigation showed that the F250 had traveled 154 feet, seven feet from the corner of High and Fourth streets.

The skid marks that were left on the road were: Left tire, 16 feet, five inches; right tire, 12 feet, six inches. There was an 11-foot, two-inch length from the end of the skid mark to of the left tire to the point of impact of the victim.

The left tire skid mark was 15 feet straight, and then curved to the left for one foot, five inches.

The skid marks started from the middle of the roadway and angled directly toward the Ranger and where Angelique had been standing at the point of impact.

The victim was struck by the passenger side front bumper and impacted into the side of the Ranger, causing about three inches of intrusion into the bed of the truck.

The only damage to the F250 was scraping on the front bumper.

However, there were visible marks down the side of the truck from Angelique's body, only causing the dirt to be disturbed.

During questioning, Bonetsky, who had been read his Miranda warnings, said he wanted to talk with Cramer.

Bonetsky told Cramer that he and Angelique had been arguing over bringing their dogs to the home they were moving into. He said they were not arguing very much, but that he had left because he was upset. Bonetsky told Cramer he drove around the block and when he returned, he drove up Fourth Street and was going fast, but had wanted to pull up alongside of Angelique.

Bonetsky then changed that statement, saying he was going to park his truck in front of the Ranger she was standing next to. Bonetsky said he could not stop, and thought there was something under the gas or brake pedal, but was not sure, and that he slammed on the brakes and the F250 swerved toward Angelique.

Bonetsky was found guilty of drug charges in September. The charges were filed by police in Tamaqua, where Bonetsky had lived at the time.

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