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Webber's letter of resignation

Published January 04. 2012 05:01PM

Lansford borough council President Adam Webber has resigned, citing "mistreatment of employees by some council members" as his primary reason.

A Republican, Webber was elected in November 2010.

His letter of resignation was announced at council's reorganization meeting Tuesday. Here is the text of the letter:

Lansford Borough Council:

With all of the mistreatment of employee's and the failure to provide a work environment that is not hostile by some members of this council I regret to inform you that I feel the need to resign.

As equal elected officials I have been told time and time again that "you" meaning me have no more power over other elected officials. I have always understood that we are all supposed to be in this for the greater good of the borough.

I feel that it should serve as a wake up call to the public that the borough has lost fine individuals do to this mistreatment by "management". The phrase "you don't tell me what to do, remember I am your boss" is thrown about to the employees of this Borough like some threat by council members.

I ask what happened to the tax payers being our boss? We all have been elected to council to serve the public and took an oath stating such.

A few members of this council have forgotten that oath. Please remember the words as you should hear the "newly elected" incumbents take their oath of office.

I ask that you listen to all of the words. Not once does it mention the looking for things to hold over the heads of others or the ruining of reputations. Not once does it say that we will have the power to go back to an antiquated system just because we do not understand the new one.

What is going on in this borough is wrong. At this point I feel that to do the best for this borough would take me more than part-time. I would need to serve as a full-timer. This would not do my regular employer any justice nor would doing half a job serve the borough any justice.

In closing I firmly believe that the future of smaller municipalities will only lay within help from each other. The faster each municipality embraces that way of thought the better those communities will be.

I feel sorry for leaving the council this way but, staying would only mean more of the same with the same council. I started with the idea to help move the borough move forward not realizing that people are still trying to vindicate the sins of the past.

I am still going to do what I can for the borough in other areas. I can now dedicate more time on my project with the old school.

As always I will look into running for a full-time political position that will fit the needs of the public I serve and my personal obligations.

Very Truly,

Adam C Webber

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