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Hearing held to make amendments for 911 readdressing system

Published February 29. 2012 05:01PM

In a public hearing on Tuesday, Feb. 21, the Chestnuthill Township board of supervisors passed Ordinance No. 2012-01, with a 2-0 vote. Chairman Chuck Gould was absent.

Ordinance 2012-01 provides for the renaming of certain public and private streets, and an emergency responders building numbering system (911 readdressing), amending two sections in Ordinace 2011-03, which was passed in Dec. 20, 2011. The amendments are-Section II, Part C, Number 1 in Article 1 which now reads, "Numbers shall be four (4) inches in height and spaced in a manner so that the reader can easily read the building number," and Section III Part B Number 9 of Article 2 which now reads "The private road signs shall have a reflective white background and reflective black color letters in order to distinguish private from public roads."

Resident Leon Clark voiced his objections to the 911 readdressing in Chestnuthill, claiming it is an overreach of the township and goes beyond what the Federal government requires. He said it was un-Constitutional what the township is asking of its residents, to pay for the road signs and to be fined if they do not comply.

"It is shameful," he said.

After several more minutes of Mr. Clark speaking, supervisor vice Chairman Dave Fleetwood said the hearing was closed. Mr. Clark asked it to be noted that he objected.

"So noted," said Supervisor Fleetwood.

Resident Stuart Thody asked if the road signs were budgeted and township office manager Cathy Martinelli replied that $18,000 had been budgeted.

Supervisor Fleetwood said that the residents only had to pay for their individual resident's street number, that the township was paying for the street signs. It was noted that number signs and posts are being sold by the West End Vol. Fire Co. and Chestnuthill Township Park as fundraisers.

Mr. Clark stated he has been asking for six months to have Ms. Martinelli give a report on a seminar she attended last August. She said she had done that at the Jan. 3 meeting. Mr. Clark said "It was a verbal report and I asked for a written report." Ms. Martinelli replied that she would give it later when Old Business was introduced.

On another subject, Mr. Clark said that the township was a changing and diverse community. He asked if the township had set aside any funds to celebrate Black History Month. Supervisor Fleetwood responded, "No." Mr. Clark asked, "Why?" Supervisor Fleetwood said, "No one has ever submitted any request for it." Mr. Clark said, "I am now." He was asked if he could do it after the meeting to which he said he would.

Donald Zipp, Chestnuthill Township's emergency management coordinator, reported that in January the West End Ambulance responded to 118 calls, West End Fire Vol. Fire Co. responded to 74 calls and the Pennsylvania State Police responded to 304 calls.

He added that Emergency Management was working with the Northeast Regional Counter Terrorism Taskforce to conduct a tabletop exercise and a full-scale exercise this year. It will test the emergency responders as well as the Emergency Operations Center and Emergency Action Plan.

At a Jan. 16 supervisors meeting, it was voted to approve (3-0) the Letter of Credit release on the Kinsley's Shoprite project in the amount of $516,174.90.

At the Feb. 6 supervisors' meeting, it was voted (3-0) for Ms. Martinelli to be reconfirmed as alternate zoning officer and Adam Thieling was appointed as assistant zoning officer with a $2 per hour raise, only applicable for time he works on zoning issues.

Supervisor Fleetwood gave a report on the last Chestnuthill Township Historical Society's (CTHS) meeting. He said they discussed possible fundraising events and Eric Hoffman from the West End Vol. Fire Co. gave a presentation.

Mr. Hoffman said that the fire company was formed in 1932 and the first fire truck it purchased is still owned by the company but they are unable to afford its upkeep.

Supervisor Fleetwood said that the historical society was looking into ways to come up with funds to help with the restoration needed and that if there was anyone in the community who would like to help, they should contact the fire company. next meeting The next CTHS will be on Wednesday, March 21 at 7 p.m. at the Chestnuthill Twp. Park Building.

Resident Sal Santangalio of Indian Mountain Lakes (IML) asked if it would be illegal for them to go ahead with building an emergency road with an access gate to Rt. 115.

"We have the money and everything is set to go with the construction of the road," said William Byron of IML

They said that with PPL putting in a transformer plant and lines, it was important that in case of an emergency or fire, residents would be able to access the road to get to the main road, Rt. 115.

Township solicitor Joseph McDonald said they should consult with an attorney. Mr. Santangalio said they had and he said it was legal.

There was to have been a work session meeting with people from IML and Birch Hollow Estates board of directors that anyone could attend on Feb. 7. Wesley Keller from DCNR was to be present. It was canceled when the he was unable to attend.

Resident Stuart Thody said it was a disaster and he was disappointed the meeting was canceled and there should have been a two-week notice because several people came to the meeting only to find out at the last minute that it had been canceled.

"We were looking forward to it and disappointed but the gentleman was unable to attend," said Supervisor Fleetwood.

Supervisor Chris Eckert made a motion that a two-week notice be posted before a new meeting when it is to be held. It was approved, 2-0.

There will be a bid opening for work to be done on the Warner Road Bridge on Friday, Feb. 24.

Mr. Thody wanted to know if there were monies left over from the 2011 budget that could be allocated for a celebration of the township's 250th anniversary. He thought they should take monies saved from not having to do any snowplowing or cindering.

Township manager Dave Albright said that they didn't know what kind of weather March could bring yet or this year's November and December winter months.

Supervisor Eckert said, "I understand what you're saying but I think you have a commitment from the supervisors that there will be a celebration."

Township manager Albright said he sent out letters again to all the homeowners of Bonser Drive that the township would like to do soil testing on their property and are seeking permission. To date, the only ones to be currently in the process of filling out a form to give consent is Mr. and Mrs. Sottile.

The board approved, 2-0:

*to accept a proposal for a virtual street view project. It would produce a set of Virtual Rendered Scenes (VCR's) that will represent the current and potential future appearance of the Rt. 209 corridor in Brodheadsville from Dairy Lane, south along Rt. 209, and up to (but not including) the traffic light at the intersection of Routes 115 and 209 and same set of perspectives that have been modified to depict the corridor after the potential changes to the roadway, structures and land have been completed. The cost will be $3,250. Twp. manager Albright said they could apply for 50 percent of the funds from the county.

*Resolution 2012-04, 2-0, to honor David P. Weinman and his "hard work, motivation, and dedication," which "has brought honor to the Boy Scouts of America and this community by serving as a Scoutmaster, mentor and tireless volunteer for 28 years."

Resident Leon Clark suggested Mr. Weinman be asked to the next meeting where the Resolution could be presented to him in person. Supervisor Fleetwood said he would ask Mr. Weinman.

*on the suggestion of township engineer, Chris McDermott, to allow Albert Schmitt of Hawk Terrace in Birches Three to have his two 295' x 150' lots joined to form one lot.

*the Regency Plaza preliminary plan with conditions.

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