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Time to take back this country

Published February 25. 2012 09:01AM

Dear Editor:

The Feb. 18 Letter to the Editor provided by Mark Linkhorst became the final push toward my writing this long overdue response to all the "Right-Wing, Conservative "bashing" of President Obama. Mr. Linkhorst's letter's contents are just a microcosm of what has been happening to our local area, our Commonwealth and our Nation these last couple of years.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't the TIMES NEWS reading area composed of mostly low to moderate income families? Then how in blazes did we ever get saddled with these anti-worker, robber baron loving, earth polluting politicians? It blows my mind! I'm convinced most of us are really ignorant, ill educated sheep that are easily duped by these so called leaders, who tell us that business will suffer if we don't get rid of "Obama," as they call him. I call him my President, and proudly.

I've listened to and read all the so-called experts on television and in your paper's columns, citing the eventual downfall of our country under the current administration. They're twisting everything that eight years of Bush/Cheyney rule caused, into the "Obama mess, he created."

I might be dumb, but I wasn't born yesterday. We finally have a President who is looking out for the average working man and woman. He is sticking with his campaign promise of having the wealthy pay their fair share. That doesn't mean "taxing" them. If I have to fork out my percentage for Social Security, they should, too. If I can't have loopholes, they shouldn't either! And don't threaten us with closing your businesses, or moving across the border. The President said (as did John Kerry) "Bring those jobs back to the U.S. and you will be rewarded ..." I know Bill Clinton signed NAFTA into law. That was a grave mistake. I predicted the ruination that followed, but let's correct the wrong.

We have a governor who sees things the way big business sees things. He blames rank and file state workers for causing Pennsylvania's depression. If he had guts to ask those same workers where to save our tax dollars he might hear things he doesn't want to hear. Such as nepotism, material waste, needless office staffers, etc. etc.

I also cannot believe what Carbon County voters did in the last election. Didn't anyone watch the Channel 13 debate? If you did and you still voted for the current commissioners, than I have no hope for your reasoning. My reasoning was built on not having to pay county occupational taxes or having my county property tax increased. Or looking at our neighboring counties and seeing the corruption that exists and the elected officials going to jail. Yes, we've had some of our officials caught with their hands in the "cookie jar," but we also have great people like Bob Crampsie, always checking and balancing, seeing that everyone is honest. I can't thank him and Bill O'Gurek and Charlie Getz enough for all they've done for my county. I'm proud of my county and hope I always will.

My final thoughts are these: The state is now controlled by pro-wealthy, anti-labor people in both aisles of the legislature, as well as our governor and his staff of henchmen. If your are a working "stiff" like myself, but don't vote, REGISTER now! And please don't TEA PARTY me; just vote for workers supporting people. The only people who hate unions are the ones that wish they had one or belonged to one. Even the worst union is better than no union all! And if you can't join a union, support those who advocate and fight for them, because in the long run they help raise the bar for all hard working people's wages and benefits. That's the kind of "trickle down economics" we need.

Come on low, moderate (who used to be middle) income working people. Vote and let's take back the country. You don't need to be a "Commie" to do it, just one who believes in a Democracy.

In Unity,

Charles Winkler,

Lansford, Pa.

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