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Get the lights fixed

Published February 25. 2012 09:01AM

Dear Editor:

This is to congratulate the person who wrote a letter to the editor that was in Saturday, Feb. 18, edition, about the street lights here in town (Tamaqua). Also about the walk lights. They were right. They are all in bad condition and shape, one way or another.

I was also hit nine times at the five points. One week ago I was on my way out to the post office and when I got to the light at Broad and Greenwood streets, I got the red light and the walk sign said walk. I started out and then a car came from Cedar Street and made a right turn onto Broad. I started to walk across again when a horn blared and did the same thing. Both cars went through a red light and went the same way.

That is why I agree with the person. Twice I was at the light at Broad and Pine when I saw an elderly man crossing Broad to the Majestic House when a car came down Pine and made a left turn onto Broad. It turned out to be a Tamaqua police car with the chief driving it. The next week the same thing happened with the same one driving it. This time there was an elderly woman who also saw it.

One time I went out to the police station to see about it, and the chief of police told me "Don't walk around the five points anymore."

I told him I was 85 years old and a lifetime citizen of the town. I can walk any place I want. This is all I said then the chief said this to me, "Get the hell out of here," pointing with his hand to the front door. This, people, is the God honest truth. I will even take a lie detector test and it will still prove I am telling the truth.

So Tamaqua leaders, wake up and get all these lights changed for the good of all the citizens walking here in town. Make PennDOT do the job over and right this time.

Edward R. Rummel


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