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From a true Penn State fan

Published February 11. 2012 09:02AM

Dear Editor:

I recently read a Letter to the Editor from Mr. Schickram about Joe Paterno. I still wear all my Penn State garb - hats - caps - sweaters - jackets - whatever and wear them with pride.

If you watched the recent show on TV about Joe Paterno and listened to his former and present players and sponsors you would have learned a lesson you apparently did not know. Probably, I think because you hate Penn State! So who needs you? You called Joe Paterno a hypocrite and didn't even know him. How dare you?

Yes, I'm one of his supporters and when you have a group of trusties fire you by telephone - not in person - they are the hypocrites! I'll bet my last dollar if you walked down the street and saw someone being raped you would turn your head and walk away because of - not fear but of cowardice!

No one - let me repeat - no one alive has anything but hatred for Jerry Sandusky and what he has done will not be tolerated - believe me!

As for Daniel and David - you weren't there so keep your mouth shut!

You stated Mr. Schickram you wouldn't want him in a fox hole with you. Believe me - if you're in a fox hole you don't care if someone that's with you is white, black or yellow (Well not yellow depending what war you're in.). Let's say, if the weather is cold (0 degrees) and you're wet, tired and afraid, you would gladly have a Penn State fan right there with you.

You mentioned also - no one would put up with a bank president or a contractor or school principal if they knew their employees were molesters. Opps! Like you also said priests too! How many of the above do you actually know personally who are not molesters?

As for the statue built for JoePa? He deserved it or the people that put it there would not have done so. Call him a coward shows the type of mentality you are made of and it stinks!

Getting back to the fox hole. If? and I say if? you ever were in a fox hole, I'm quoting what I recently read, "war is hell and if you were never there then shut your big mouth!!!

Paul Martin


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