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Why the raises?

Published December 29. 2012 09:02AM

Dear Editor:

I would like to know why the upper management in Panther Valley School District received raises and retro-pay?

This was printed in the newspaper. The business manager and the superintendent should not get any raises until all the teachers and all the employees get a contract. Don't they make enough money?

Also I noticed three new vehicle's were bought, 1 dump truck, 1 van, 1 pick-up truck. I asked the business manager why they buy these vehicles. He told me they were 2001 and 2002. I told him that's a bad excuse. I heard the vehicles were in good shape. I asked how many bids were looked at he said two. I told him there are to be three bids.

Then I asked the business manager when they are going to auction them off. He said they traded them in. I told him all, State, Municipal and government vehicles are always auctioned off, sealed bids. Something is wrong here? School districts would have made more money if auctioned off.

Then I asked him about the snow plows. He said they were traded with the trucks. I said why didn't they rebuild if needed and put on the new trucks or stored for future use? It would have saved thousands of dollars. So I guess the salters were traded too? I didn't ask about that.

I think the school board members should make up the difference from, what the dealer traded in and what the dealer sold them for.

Bottom line, I guess it's more important for the business manager, the superintendent and buying new vehicles and wasting money then not to sign any contracts with the teachers and all the employees.

The only people who were made happy were the business manager; superintendent and the three people who bought the three vehicles.

Last thing I want to know is why there is a husband and wife on the school board? One needs to be removed, so flip a coin will make the coin toss legal. This is a real conflict of interest this needs to be addressed.

Tom Peto Sr.


Lansford landlord


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