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Ban on assault weapons won't infringe on our rights

Published December 22. 2012 09:02AM

To Senator Toomey:

I am a former U.S. Marine, a Life Member of the NRA, a current CCW permit holder, a current holder of a Class 3 Federal Firearms License, a registered Republican and a father of two boys ages eight and five years old. I am writing to you with regards to the recent unimaginable event that has taken place at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, Connecticut on December 14, 2012.

I am sure as you were made aware of the event as the news was unfolding, as a father you too were feeling the gut wrenching blows of this unbelievable horror. An event I could not imagine humanly possible, the Devil in fact did come unannounced to the peaceful community of Newtown, to America, and to the world. That entire weekend I would look at my children and see the children of Sandy Hook. I would attempt to hold my tears back and keep asking how someone could do this to little children like my own. I found myself repeating the words; this has to stop now.

I am well aware that guns do not kill, people do. I understand that the killer did not have weapons of his own, but the weapons were legally acquired and owned by his mother. Obviously the killer had access to the weapons and used them for evil. The killer used the weapons on his mother and then on the students and faculty of Sandy Hook. It was the killer's mental illness that decided to put an end to so many lives that day.

A ban on assault weapons is most definitely coming in the very near future from the Administration. As a citizen of the human race I urge you to stand up for us all and vote FOR the ban as long as it is only a ban against semi automatic assault weapons and high capacity magazines. Assault rifles serve no purpose in the civilian world, nor do high capacity magazines. You are not allowed to use an assault rifle with hi cap magazines to hunt, shoot sporting clays, or shoot five stand/skeet. A home and family can be protected with a hand gun, rifle or a shotgun, and most of all no one walks the streets with a concealed AR 15 in their hip or ankle holster or in their purse.

A ban on assault weapons is not the only issue that needs to be confronted. We also need to take up the issue of how to handle, track or maintain people with mental illness, the root evil behind the mass murders of December 14, 2012. Stricter laws also have to be put into place for storage and security of weapons owned by people who have family members in the same home with mental illness or criminal records. I have a gun safe, I secure all my weapons and I carry the key with me, no one has access to my safe. The last thing I need is for my curious children trying to take a peek at Dad's guns; that will not happen.

A vote For an Assault Weapon Ban does not and shall not infringe on our Second Amendment rights. The Sportsman will still have the right to purchase a hunting rifle for the purpose of hunting game. We should still have the right to purchase a shotgun for hunting pheasant and shooting sporting clays. We shall still have the right to purchase a shotgun or handgun to protect our family in our homes. We must still have the right to purchase and carry concealed a handgun for personal protection. Assault weapons belong in the hands of the military and Police forces not in the civilian world.

I am also asking if you and fellow Senators can initiate a move to Honor the teachers and faculty members of Sandy Hook Elementary, who on December 14, 2012 so unselfishly and courageously assessed the situation at hand, protected their students and so bravely stood up to face evil square in the eyes

God Bless the children and their guardian angels of Sandy Hook Elementary, the families of the victims and America. I thank you in advance for taking your time to read my letter.


Angelo Stambolis


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