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Action of an arrogant man

Published December 15. 2012 09:02AM

In light of the looming crisis this country faces because of an arrogant President who wants nothing more than to set the working class of this country at the throats of the rich by claiming they do not pay enough taxes while demanding a unilateral ability to bypass Congress and raise the debt ceiling which basically spits in the faces of the author's of the United States Constitution, I thought it would be fitting to provide a refresher course on some common principles that have been brought forth in the past and even up until recently.

1. We pay property taxes for the privilege of owning our property. Of course the ownership of property in the twenty first century is a subtle illusion. If you do not agree, then stop paying your property taxes and tell us how long you are able to stay on that property without being evicted.

2. The President claims the rich are not paying enough but neglects to remind you that rich folks like everyone else pay income taxes when they earn their income, their corporations pay income tax as well on the same income so that is twice and then they pay a third time through capital gains on their money. That third time is the smoke screen Obama and his cheerleaders use to claim the rich are not paying taxes. He neglects to remind you that the money they are paying on a third time was taxed at higher rates twice before.

3. The death tax or inheritance tax which Republicans wish to eliminate and Democrats want to increase so that you inherit less of an estate and pay the government money they don't deserve for something they have no reason to take credit for.

4. The Federal Reserve Bank controls our dollars and has complete domination over the setting of interest rates and the printing of our Federal currency. The Fed is not a government entity.

5. Children should be freely educated in public schools and not be used in factory labor. This is a noble concept and one this country has strived to accomplish.

6. The TSA and Federal Highway system are controlled by the Federal government and especially in the case of the Transporation Safety Administration they essentially control whether or not any citizen of this country can freely travel by air. If a name appears on their list, it is extremely unlikely that person will ever be able to take an airplane. Not only that but we compromise our Constitutional right to privacy for this privilege now.

7. We are being conditioned to believe that no one has the right to earn more than their neighbors, and if someone does through hard work or perseverance, then the poorer people around that person should benefit from their sacrifice as well. That is what the President espouses in many of his speeches.

These are seven principles or goals that have been advocated in the last decade by Congress but even more earnestly by the President of this country. They are the backbone of the Progressive movement in this country who are being conditioned to believe the rich people in this country are holding the rest of us back. I ask you, do any of these principles sound familiar?

Does it seem reasonable to you to have a President who is in charge of the most powerful nation on the planet, a nation which is in serious danger of total economic collapse to be demanding the ability to spend more money? What planet does this man live on? His argument is we don't have enough revenue, so I want to tax the rich people on the planet and raise revenue that will run this country for about ONE WEEK! In exchange, I want to spend over a trillion dollars in money, WE DO NOT HAVE AND CANNOT HOPE TO RAISE IN TAXES without any accountability. Furthermore, I want the ability to spend as much money as I desire with no accountability to Congress and I want your Constitutional power to keep me in check.

How is this reasonable and how is this American? This is the action of an arrogant man with no respect for the Constitution of this country. He totally discounts that he was re-elected by one of the narrowest margins in American history and continues to stoke the fires of class warfare not unlike some other infamous leaders in history. The writing is on the wall, and if this continues and Obama continues to antagonize instead of lead, this country as we know and loved it is done.

Oh and by the way, do those seven principles sound familiar? WE heard them throughout the election cycle typically in the Obama platform and speeches of his supporters. They did not originate them however.

Those seven goals are laid out in a document written in 1848 in England. In fact the original goals were as follows: Abolish private property and land, Establish a heavy or progressive income tax, Abolish inheritance rights for private individuals and turn it over to the state, centralize credit and money in a strong national bank, make the laborers in this country equal in opportunity and reward and provide free education for children in public schools controlled by the government.

Those are the goals of the Communist Manifesto by Karl Marx. They remove individual responsibility. They turn wealth building over to the government. They institutionalize our children and indoctrinate them in the will of the state. They control the money and the food supply, and these same radicals are now controlling policy in this country.

It boils down to this. When does the buck stop here? When does Obama grow up and lead and put this country before the ideology of those who pull his strings? Or do we continue to get the puppet leader who pouts and wants his way all the time regardless of the damage it does?

Til next time…

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