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2012 Galactic alignment sitting on the dark rift

Published December 08. 2012 09:03AM

Dear Editor:

Astronomers and scientist have been watching in amazement after observing a massive black hole in the heart of our galaxy. The black hole has a mass of 2.6 million suns, and has a seductive force, sending stars speeding at 600 miles per second. Scientists have made an audio recording of the black hole, siphoning off matter from nearby stars and then periodically erupting in a blast of plasma. The sound is that of a rapid heartbeat. Countless stars are moving and shifting as a result of this seductive force.

The Mayan priests who were known for their accuracy, astronomical measurements, and their predictions warned about the coming alignment between the solstice of our sun and the center of the Milky Way. The dark rift is referred to as the Black Hole, and it's in the center of our galaxy. According to Albert Einstein, time and space are distorted by black holes. The Mayans said that when the four corners of the earth sit on the dark rift, a cosmic portal will open, and souls will be harvested.

A group of leading scientists, researchers, physicists, astrophysicists, and geologists who call themselves the "Horizon Project" have been studying the 2012 event and have dire warnings. They concluded that massive earth changes will take place quickly, over a period of days or even hours; not over long periods of time as was previously believed.

One theory they have is that near the time of the galactic alignment, the earth's magnetic currents will spin in the opposite direction and a field effect reversal will take place. Another theory is that a phenomenon called a pole shift will occur, in which the entire mantle of the earth would shift in a matter of days or even hours, altering the positions of the north and south poles. During the actual shifting of the poles, the planet will rotate in a different direction from the atmosphere, generating super wind storms that will scour the earth of vegetation and plant life. 25 percent of the world's population lives within 80 miles of a coastline. Two billion people would die within 48 hours of a pole shift from tidal waves one mile high and from ocean flooding.

When Pope Paul was asked if the third secret of Fatima should have been published in 1960, he said that is sufficient for all Christians to know that the message wasn't something to be desired. As we slowly move into the alignment, we are at a higher risk for galactic super waves. These are explosions sent out from the center of our galaxy every 13,000 years. These are generally accompanied by electromagnetic pulse waves. When the wave occurs, it sends out large amounts of dust that disturb the sun and cause an increase in solar activity. Also, when the earth passes through the galactic plane, it will encounter a concentration of asteroids.

The largest super volcano on earth, in Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming, is currently active and could erupt from the extreme gravitational centrifugal force that will be exerted on the planet during the pole shift. The explosion from the eruption would be the loudest noise heard by man in the past 75,000 years! Thousands of cubic kilometers of ash would pour out of the volcano, and would block out the sun's light, causing global temperatures to collapse, sending the world into an ice age.

Approximately every 100 years the sun releases large bursts of radiation which scientists believe could happen in 2012. Supercaves have the power to destroy our ozone layer and expose us to greatly increased ultraviolet radiation from the sun. What concerns scientists the most is that solar activity is peaking in 2012, and extreme solar storms are expected to occur. A super storm occurred in 1859, and was called the solar super storm. It was the most powerful superstorm in recorded history. A solar storm like that today would destroy satellites, power stations, and the world power grids. Civilization would be knocked back into the 18th century. An x45 solar flare occurred in 2003. It was so large that the atmospheric physicists had to create a new logarithmic band for this "mega flare." It was many times more powerful than the solar storm of 1859. The x45 flare hit the planet Mars and blasted some of Mars' atmosphere and ocean into space. In the case of a long duration superwave, the massive amount of dust that would be thrown into our solar system put our sun into a continuous state of solar storms to cause extreme heating of the earth.

Faye Ruckhardt, Nesquehoning

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