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Occult undertones of the Dark Knight murder rampage

Published August 25. 2012 09:01AM

Dear Editor:

James Holmes burst into theater 9 wearing a gas mask, and after spraying the crowd of moviegoers, he unleashed hell.

Something strange is going on. Was this event the work of a lone nut; a crazed psychopath, or was it the work of clever evil puppet masters who pulled the strings behind the scenes?

There's an article on the Vigilant Citizen website entitled "Batman Delivers," and the writer, David Wargo, asserts that Holmes was programmed to kill. The findings from the article are not only intriguing, but may prove that truth is stranger than fiction.

In the realm of the occult (meaning "hidden"), the number of death is 9.

According to late Anton Le Vey, who founded the Church of Satan, 9 is the number of rebellion against God, and the number of the ego because it always returns to itself. No matter how 9 is multiplied, the end number 9 will remain; i.e.; 9x2 = 18 (1+8=9), 9x3= 27 (2+7=9), 9x12 =108 (1+8=9). When the number 9 is used in magic it creates chaos.

The mass murder occurred during the midnight screening of the movie called The Dark Knight Rising on 7/20, July 7 (7/20 7+2=9). Also three male victims were 27 years old 2+7=9. Another intriguing fact is that the name of the city where the shootings occurred is Aurora. Aurora is the name for Venus, the roman goddess of the morning.

Venus is associated with the dawn, the hour when the sun begins to rise, and she's also the mother of the morning star who is called the light bearer Lucifer.

According to news sources, Holmes took up his studies in the neuroscience doctoral program at the University of Colorado's Anschutz Medical Campus Complex which is dedicated to the study of human brain functioning and behavior.

Could this place have been a programming site?

After Holmes was arrested, he truly believed that he was the joker and appeared to be completely dissociated from reality.

The killing spree was foretold just days before in a video by Lil Wayne called "My Homies Still." It features him and his boys sitting in a movie theater with skeletons seated around them some without heads. This scene is both scary and prophetic.

Is there a connection between the Dark Knight, the death of Heath Ledger, and this new installment of a Batman movie that was launched with mass murder?

Just before the movie began, the trailer was shown of Gangster Squad. Gangsters were shown on the movie screen shooting of the crowd.

Strangely enough, the crowd of moviegoers viewed this just before it happened to them. In a moment of time they changed from viewers to victims.

There is a widely held belief that a satanic conspiracy exists in the world today. The fight between good and evil is a spiritual battle that manifests when the evil shed innocent blood. Are there powers that are used to create chaos and then find order in it?

And finally, the Century 16 Cinemas in Aurora are about 9 miles from Denver and 27 kilometers (2+7) from the Denver International Airport, which has become the subject of much rumor and speculation. Many believe that is a future base for the New World Order.

Inside the airport is a mural that is known for its peculiar images. This mural depicts a fascist-looking gunman carrying a large gun and a large knife; wearing a gas mask. In this mural the dark knight kills children.

Will we see more nightmare behavior repeated in the future?

The truth is that all of these ingredients may have inspired James Holmes to play this out when a spell was released in a dark way.

Faye Ruckhardt


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