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The Titanic, 100 years later

Published April 14. 2012 09:01AM


Tonight at 11:40 p.m. will mark the 100-year anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic. The ship struck an iceberg and in the early morning on April 15, 1912, the luxury liner sank to the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean. Only 705 lives, mostly women and children, survived the worst maritime accident in history to date.

To honor this occasion, here is a small multiple choice quiz.

So put on your life jacket, jump into a life boat and grab an oar. Here we go!

The Titanic was:

A. Named RMS (Royal Mail Steamer) Titanic.

B. Cost $7.5 million to build.

C. Was on its first voyage in route from Southampton England to the United States.

D. Was the largest ship to be built at that time and deemed unsinkable.

The passengers did:

A. Number 2,225 (both crew and passengers).

B. Feel the impact but never took heed until too late.

C. Have on life jackets.

D. Die from hypothermia within the first half-hour of being tossed in the 31 degree Atlantic waters.

The iceberg:

A. Reports were received by the ship but all went ignored.

B. Was hard to see with no moon out and calm waters.

C. Was called a blackberg as it was not white, it was more clear and reflected the night sky.

D. Cut a gash into the hull of the ship approximated 240 feet long.

The collision:

A. The Titanic was traveling 22.5 knots through iceberg laden waters, just .5 knots from the ships top speed.

B. Revealed that the engines had not been reversed and the ship had just turned away. The iceberg could have been avoided altogether.

C. Quickly filled five compartments with water.

D. Made the stern rise out of the water causing the ship to break into two pieces.

The casualties reported:

A. 1,503 people died.

B. 300 dead bodies were pulled from the sea the next morning.

C. Very few people actually went down with the ship, most died and drifted away in their life-jackets never to be found.

D. That 49 children from steerage died but only one child from first class died.

The Titanic today:

A. Lies approximately 2 miles at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean.

B. Has the bow buried 60 feet below the ocean floor with the stern laying only 1,970 feet away.

C. Was rediscovered on July 14, 1986, 74 years after it sank.

D. Since the death of Millvina Dean in 2009 there are no living survivors of the Titanic tragedy. Dean was just nine weeks old at the time of the sinking.

Take a big deep breath. You have survived this 100th Anniversary of the Sinking of the Titanic quiz!

P.S. All the above multiple choice answers are considered to be true

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