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The coming storm: The President's second term

Published April 14. 2012 09:01AM

My article last week described how President Obama would manipulate the November election to ensure his reelection. This week, I am focusing on what he has said he will do should he become President. Some of the items go back to his 2008 campaign. Since then, there have been additional revelations of his plans to fundamentally change America. I have also included two things I believe the administration will do to ensure that America turns into a bastion of socialism.

One of the President's first actions will be the establishment of a new Civilian National Security Force. In July of 2008 he called for this force, which I believe, will become his personal storm troopers. ( Hitler had the Brown Shirts. Mussolini had the Black Shirts. President Obama will have his own Green Shirts, the Civilian Security Force. The administration has already ordered 450 million bullets to be delivered each year for the next five years. I expect that weapons, such as the Ruger pistol and matching semi automatic carbine, are also on order. All that remains is the establishment of the Civilian Security Force, the recruitment and training of security force personnel and their deployment on bases throughout the country. Before this can happen, the American people will need to be convinced that this force is necessary.

One scenario for accomplishing this would be to instigate race riots in the major cities in the summer. These riots would be similar to those in South Central Los Angeles (Watts) in 1965 and in Detroit and Newark in 1967. Once rioting breaks out, the President can declare martial law to quell the disturbances. Then he can pass the legislation required to activate the Civilian Security Force. He can blame the riots on the high unemployment rate and the poor economy. The new Civilian Security Force would be sold to the public as a job creation program. If there are not enough volunteers, the President can invoke his executive order of March 16th to conscript citizens to staff the force. He can use the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) camps to house the troops. There are over 800 FEMA camps already in existence, clustered into five districts. Many camps are located near major cities. There are also remote camps where dangerous dissidents or terrorists (read this as Tea Party Members) can be detained.

Over the next four years, our people could become complacent and accept the loss of their constitutional rights. There would be no point appealing to the Supreme Court, because the President will appoint two new liberal progressive judges so that they can reinterpret constitutional issues. This will permit the second amendment to be effectively nullified. If you want to exercise your right to bear arms, you must join the military or the Civilian Security Force.

In order to better protect our citizens, the government will request that all handguns and semi-automatic long guns be turned over to the Civilian Security Force. Those who do not voluntarily turn over their guns and ammunition will be subject to detention and imprisonment in a FEMA camp. After an initial grace period to permit citizens to comply with the order, members of the Civilian Security Force will enter homes at will to search for and seize guns and bullets. Those found harboring weapons would spend several years or even the rest of their lives in a FEMA camp without being charged or convicted.

In order to fund his operations, the President can use the Enemy Expatriation Act to strip the one percenters of their citizenship. Then he can use a combination of the National Defense Authorization Act and the Executive Order of March 16 to detain them, ship them off to FEMA camps and confiscate their assets. Their houses, bank accounts and other assets would be sold and the funds turned over to the U.S. Treasury. If the President targets enough middle and upper class Americans, he can significantly reduce the deficit while rewarding the 99 percenters for their loyalty.

To further appease the 99 percenters, the President can require existing homeowners to billet other Americans in their homes. That will ease the housing crisis and ensure that everyone in America, legal or illegal, has a nice bed to sleep in. For those preppers who have stored food and water for their own emergency use, the Civilian Security Force can confiscate these supplies so that the unemployed or welfare recipients can be fed. By confiscating the savings of those who worked a lifetime, lived frugally and saved their money, the wealth can be redistributed in an organized and fair way. Everyone will get his or her fair share. To put this in the words of Karl Marx: "From each according to his ability, to each according to his need". The greedy that accumulated assets at the expense of others will be left destitute.

To solve the energy crisis, gasoline would be rationed. If the President has his way, only those with a proven need to drive will be permitted to have unlimited access to gasoline. This will include companies and yes, the members of the Friends of Obama Club. The rest of us, including John Q. Public can take the bus, train or ride a bicycle to work. Others will be encouraged to walk to the store and if possible our jobs. After all, walking is good exercise and it will result in healthier Americans, reducing the burden on health care professionals and scarce hospital resources. Our country has already spent billions of dollars building public transit infrastructure; gasoline rationing would encourage the people to use it. The President will smile from ear to ear when he sees the people standing in long queues waiting for the buses to take them to our assigned jobs.

If the economy does not rebound, two very radical plans could be implemented. The first would be to suspend elections so that President Obama can continue to implement his economic recovery plans. I know this may sound far-fetched but it could happen. Obama has the charisma to snare a constitutional amendment given a complacent electorate. He can extend his term until the economic crisis is over. He could even submit an amendment to permit a president to serve three or four terms.

As for addressing the deficit, here is an idea that is crazy enough for the President to try. He could sign a very large deal with China. We would pull all of our troops out of Asia. In exchange, China would invest $100 billion a year in America for the next ten years. They would build manufacturing plants and factories from New Jersey to California. This would greatly reduce our defense budget and would create millions of American jobs over the next decade. If the Chinese plants needed labor, then the NDAA could be used to conscript low paid factory workers. If we build some of the factories next to prisons, prison labor could be used at little or no cost. As for our old bases in Asia, China could take them over. We give China the Asia bases and the Chinese pay off our national debt over time. What a deal!

Could any of the items above actually happen? I believe that given the right situation, all of them could. We need to understand that the progressives want to radically change America. They will not do it all at once; rather they will change one or two things at a time. Eventually, the changes will be complete. The interpretation of the constitution will be changed; the government will manage our lives; and our freedom will be forever lost. We must be ever vigilant to prevent this from happening. We also should prepare for the worse so that we can save our families and ourselves when the downturn comes.

© 2012 Gordon Smith - All Rights Reserved

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