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Obama's plan to manipulate the voters

Published April 07. 2012 09:01AM

This is the 100th article that I have written since I started voicing my opinions concerning our government and our society. I never thought that I would be able to produce a new article each week. Thankfully, our government and our politicians give me plenty to write about. I would like to thank all of you who read my articles and e-mail me your comments. This "Centennial" article is too big for a single issue, so I am breaking it into two parts. The first part describes how President Obama will manipulate the voters to ensure he is elected in November. Next week, I will provide my take on how President Obama will fundamentally change our country in his second term.

The President made it clear that there are two types of people in America. Those who vote for him, many of whom are on social assistance or receiving entitlements, he calls the 99 percenters. He calls those conservatives who work hard, pay taxes, follow our laws, and uphold the Constitution the 1 percenters. President Obama is targeting the 99 percenters as they can be more readily persuaded to vote for him using divide and conquer tactics. By pitting those who live on entitlements against those who work hard or are retired, he is ensuring that he gets the majority of the votes. Conservative taxpayers tend to vote Republican anyway so he is appealing to his liberal base and to those who seek continued government handouts.

Over the last few weeks, his "tax the millionaires" and calls for the Buffet tax appeals to the entitlement class. Let those making millions pay the most taxes while the rest get a free ride. Unfortunately, his definition of millionaires includes most of the middle class who are not millionaires and probably will never be millionaires. In these middle-class families both the husband and wife go to work every day. If they're lucky, they can pay a mortgage and afford a house. They may have two automobiles so they can go to and from their jobs. They spend their days earning the money required to support their families and pay their bills. After work, they take their children to soccer and baseball games. They make dinner for their children, help them with their homework and then put them to bed. Then these "millionaires" collapse exhausted on their own beds. The next morning, often before sunrise, their hectic life starts anew. These are not millionaires and they do not deserve to bear the burden of excessive taxation while the 99 percenters get a free ride.

Our President often talks about everyone paying his or her "fair share". His definition of "fair share" ensures that the working poor and middle class bear the brunt of taxation. I believe that all adult citizens should pay federal income tax. Earnings from labor and investments should be reasonably taxed, as should handouts for welfare and other entitlements. The progressive income tax currently in place cannot support the financial needs of the government. By spreading taxation across the entire population, we can lower the taxes on the job creators and small business people while ensuring that everyone pays a portion of the tax burden.

I suspect that paying tax on a welfare check will come as a shock to some. Looking at it another way, it may encourage welfare recipients to seek employment. After all, if they're going to have to pay taxes anyway, they might as well work. There are plenty of jobs available in America now. It is time to emphasize that welfare is meant to be a short-term financial bridge to those suffering hard times. It is not meant to be a lifetime subsidy. So Mr. President, I say let everyone pay their "fair share" whether they work or whether they are on welfare and other entitlements.

The President is a constitutional law expert. He knows that our form of government is based on three branches: the executive branch, the judicial branch, and legislative branch. He also knows that the framers of the Constitution built in a series of checks and balances to prevent America from ever becoming a monarchy or a dictatorship. In his quest for absolute power, President Obama must weaken the judicial branch. Generally, he can get his way with Congress but the Supreme Court stands as a major roadblock for many of his constitutional reforms. His statement this week that an "Unelected group of people would somehow overturn a duly constitutional and passed law" is a direct shot at the Supreme Court.

Last week, the Supreme Court heard arguments for and against Obama care. They are deliberating and will make a decision later this year, probably by June. Even though they have not ruled the President is already chastising the court in preparation for the elections. Since the constitution does not state which branch of our government is superior, he can make the claim that the court is subservient to a majority of the Congress and / or the President. If he succeeds in denigrating the Court, he can continue to push through unconstitutional legislation in his next term. If he succeeds, America as we know it will be forever changed. In next week's article, I will present my take on the unconstitutional laws he will force upon the American people.

President Obama is a Christian who is very proud of his Muslim heritage. I am concerned that his desire to please the international Muslim community will lead to instability and possibly outright war in the Middle East. Over the last few weeks, Israel shared with the Obama administration their plans for the bombing of a nuclear reactor in Iran. The administration did not explicitly state that they were against this attack. Instead they divulged to the Iranians the military intentions of the Israelis. They also released details of how and where the Israeli planes would be refueled. This would leave the planes exposed to attack, ensuring that the mission would fail.

Israel has always been a friend of the United States and up until now we have been a friend of Israel. It is Israel that will protect American interests in the Middle East, not the Muslims. The actions of our President have seriously damaged relations with a valuable ally. I believe that this is an attempt to gain votes in November. He knows that much of the Jewish community is no longer on his side. His actions in the Middle East will garner him votes in other segments of the electorate.

His failure to approve the Keystone Pipeline ensures that his Muslim friends will not face competition from Canadian oil. By failing to approve new oil drilling permits in the Gulf of Mexico, off our east and west coasts, and in the Alaskan National Wildlife Refuge, he single handedly ensured our continued dependence on Middle Eastern oil for years to come. As a result, the Arabs can continue to gouge us for the oil we need, even if it destroys our economy.

In an attempt to gain the votes necessary for him to win the election he is reigniting the debate on contraception, abortion and gay rights. These are emotional issues for many voters. His position on providing free contraception and freely available abortions is aimed at winning the women's vote. Gay rights will put Hollywood on his side. The downside risk of alienating conservative voters, who would not vote for him anyway, is minimal.

According to the current polls, President Obama will easily defeat any Republican candidate. In my opinion, this does not bode well for our nation. It is time for conservatives to put aside our petty differences. We must join together and support an alternative candidate even if that candidate is not our first choice. The alternative is another four years of Emperor Obama. If he succeeds in castrating the Supreme Court, the true defenders of the Constitution, he will, as he has often stated, fundamentally change the United States of America. His agenda will ultimately ensure that America will no longer be the last bastion of freedom.

© 2012 Gordon Smith - All Rights Reserved

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