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Keep smart people from taking over country

Published September 17. 2011 09:01AM

Dear Editor,

I hope people read Michael Reagans's column in Thursday (9/7/11) "Professors don't know everything". It's about how academics and intellectuals from places like Princeton, Harvard, and Yale are ruining our nation.

I agree when he says "Washington needs to stop listening to these allegedly high-minded academics". We all know when someone becomes this smart they usually become a liberal. This is probably because they use their brain so much that it becomes overheated and it makes them become liberal.

Just look at the scientists, 90 percent believe in evolution and global warming. We all know (and the scientists agree) that these are only theories. They even changed the definition of "theory" in Websters as "a set of facts" like the theory of gravity. They are just trying to confuse us.

Reagan's column continues "It is not surprising that former academic Barack Obama should turn to the groves of academia to find government jobs". We can't let this happen. We must keep smart people and intellectuals from taking over our country.

We should have laws where only people that have a lower I.Q. equal or lower than Bush or Sara Palin can run for office. We could have high school dropouts only run for office or to have a goverment jobs before they get a chance to be to smart just to be on the safe side.

Richard Renninger


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