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10 years after 9/11 attacks, I'm still angry

Published September 17. 2011 09:01AM

It has been 10 years since the 9/11 attacks and I am still angry. Watching the coverage last weekend made me realize that we used the wrong approach in dealing with the mass murderers and those that supported them.

We were very careful, almost apologetic, in our handling of the situation. The fact that we emphasized that it was an act of terrorism by 19 people who happen to be Muslims definitely understated the true nature of the attacks.

As I have mentioned before, Islam is not a religion of peace. It requires that all Muslims work towards implementing Islam and Shari'a law in every country on this planet. To that end, their religion permits them to lie and kill if it promotes Islam.

I worked in the Middle East many times during my career. I met Muslims who love America and Americans. I also met some Muslims who detest our nation, our values, our faith and our principles. They call America "The Great Satan."

On September 11, 2001, I was in Grand Rapids. Within hours of the attacks, I had to leave for Washington. With all airplanes grounded, I rented a car and drove.

The roads were empty! Our nation was paralyzed!

Americans were in shock, standing in stunned silence as we tried to comprehend what happened and why it happened. As I drove, I noticed that every radio station was playing patriotic music. When I arrived in D.C., the Pentagon was still burning. I could smell the stench as I drove to my destination. I could see the fire and smoke from my hotel window.

I turned on the television and watched Muslims who were reacting to the attacks on the Twin Towers. They were rejoicing in the streets! In case you forgot their response to the massacre of our people, watch this video:

As you can see they are waving flags and shouting "Allah Akbar", God is great. Clearly there was joy throughout the Middle East as our nation suffered the greatest "man-caused disaster" since Pearl Harbor.

I use "man-caused disaster" as it is no longer politically correct to say terrorist attack. In the new age since 9/11 we cannot say what we think without incurring the wrath of society. We must be extremely careful not to offend anyone, lest the truth hurt his or her feelings. I am sure I will be chastised for writing this article, yet I believe there are many who feel like me. We cannot remain silent! We must speak out!

America will respond to attacks with the full force of our military and our weapons systems! There will be no place on earth to hide from our wrath should a nation or its people decide to attack us.

In my opinion, we should have bombed Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia. At least 15 of the mass murderers were Saudis. President George W. Bush failed dismally in his response to September 11th. I believe that much of the restraint he demonstrated was because we were beholden to the Saudis. We needed their oil. Saudi petroleum is tainted with the blood of our citizens and should forever be boycotted.

We have plenty of oil reserves in this country that we can use to end our dependence on Islamic oil. While the Islamists want to destroy us because we are "The Great Satan", they want to take our money first by holding us hostage for oil. It is time we stopped this nonsense even if it means higher prices in the short term.

Drilling for oil, building the pipelines to deliver it to the refineries, and expanding and building new refineries, will create tens of thousands of jobs here in the United States. We should honor our fellow Americans who were slaughtered on that sad day by making sure we never have to compromise our values and our beliefs again.

We need to make America free again. Free from foreign ownership! Free from foreign intervention in our government and our political affairs!

We also have to stop fighting wars where we have no American interests. What is there to gain by fighting in Afghanistan? We shed our precious blood for Afghanis, who like the Saudis, hate us. If they want their freedom, let them fight for it as we fought for our freedom from the British.

We cannot afford to fight wars for other nations. Instead of spending close to $1 trillion fighting in Afghanistan and in Iraq, we should be rebuilding our cities, feeding our citizens and educating our children.

In the news this week it was mentioned that one in four Americans goes to bed hungry. We cannot feed our own people but we can spend $1 trillion and the lives of thousands of our soldiers in foreign lands where Americans are despised.

This country needs a new direction. We must focus inward to ensure that our needs are met and that we rebuild our nation. When the economy recovers, we can, if we wish, help those nations that support America.

The economic problems in Greece, Italy and much of Europe are their problems! Yes I would love to help them, but first we have to repair our nation. Our inner cities are crumbling, our roads, bridges and railroads need to be refurbished and we need to put our people back to work.

We need to reinvigorate ourselves so that we can pursue the American dream. Every American should have the ability to work at a job so they can support their family.

Every American should have a roof over their head and food in their stomach. Our politicians in Washington need to put America first for a change.

The 10th anniversary of September 11th should be a pivot point for the revitalization of America. We need plans, not rhetoric. We need to return to the glory days when everyone was proud to be an American.

We can stand strong; we can stand together; and we will stand as free men and women. We will not apologize to the world for our successes and we will take responsibility for all of our failures. We will destroy anyone who attacks us and we will destroy the bases that launched the attacks against us.

From this point forward, we must stand our ground, defend our country, and remain the beacon of freedom for the entire world to see.

Copyright 2011 Gordon Smith All Rights Reserved

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