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Vote for the person, not the party

Published October 22. 2011 09:01AM

Dear Editor:

I do not consider myself to be a conservative or a liberal, because I use my own better judgment when deciding on how certain political issues should be handled. I guess you could call me somewhat of a moderate, if you wanted to label me on how I view an important subject of interest involving our political agenda. Sometimes, I agree or disagree with certain conservative points of view, and sometimes I agree or disagree with some more liberal view points.

For instance, I do believe the extremely rich people in America, like multi- millionaire athletes, and celebrities, or billionaire oil tycoons, and real estate brokers to name a few, should be willing to contribute a little more of their wealth in tax revenue to help the less fortunate people in America, and to keep the middle class from becoming overly tax burdened.

"America will remain strong; as long as our middle class remains the majority."

Primarily, I think we are much too top heavy in our government, and if anybody should take a cut in pay it should be these over abundantly endowed politicians, who have become rich through our tax dollars. They should also be term limited, age limited, benefit limited, and we could certainly do with less of them in our government to have to support. Our government needs to be working toward revising our present tax system, by making it simpler and fairer for taxpayers to pay an equal share of revenue on their income with no "loop holes" or tax exemptions for the exceptionally rich.

I was in total agreement with what Rick Santorum of Pennsylvania had to say during the first GOP presidential candidate debate presented on T.V. back in August, and he was the only candidate who talked about bringing back to America the manufacturing of American made products. He emphasized this as being one of the most important steps in getting the economy back on track, with this reducing the vast numbers of the unemployed. This would then decrease our countries national debt with more people working, which would create more revenue without the need for raising taxes.

Unfortunately, it seems like the news media chooses the person they want to glorify the most, and for this reason candidates like Rick Santorum will not get the proper recognition he deserves. This was made obvious during this GOP debate hosted by the Fox news network when most of the questioning and attention was directed toward the candidates of their preference.

For me, it really depends on which candidate is campaigning for what we as citizens really need to have change for the better in America. Striving to do whatever it takes to get our country with a balanced budget, finding ways to reduce the unemployment, eliminating the wasteful government spending, and most important; putting an end to these cost extravagant, life sacrificing, unnecessary wars. Begin bringing our military troops home to guard our own borders like our National Guard was originally intended, providing us with a more secure home defense, and not to be spreading our military forces out halfway around the world where they don't belong.

Furthermore, I will never let any particular party affiliation determine my vote, and I will whole heartily endorse the candidate who I believe will honestly support the moral and most crucial issues, directly affecting the concerns of "we the people" and who will continue to preserve the freedoms we have been blessed with here in the United States of America as; "One Nation Under God."

John M. "Jack" Selby


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