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Homage to Ron Paul

Published October 22. 2011 09:01AM

Dear Editor:

If I hear one more person say I like Ron Paul but he can't win I am going to punch him in the nose. Ron Paul is a top tier candidate and is consistently winning straw poll after straw poll. Dr. Paul even beats usurper, President Obama/Soetoro, in a head to head match up. So, why is the perception created that Ron Paul can't win and why do columnists, even in our own Times News - like propagandist Cal Thomas, call Ron Paul "the crazy aunt in the attic" or, worse yet, simply refuse to mention him? I'll tell you why. The media is bought and paid for. The Council on Foreign Relations was formed in the 1930's to take over 12 major media outlets in the US to control the message and hence policy in our country.

Today the corporate media and the banking interests behind it simply tell us who to vote for by creating the illusion of a front runner. Do you think the special interest want you to think that a candidate who represents YOUR interests and doesn't take bribe money from the military industrial complex, big pharma, Wall Street and the big banks is a viable candidate? Do you think GE who owns Universal who owns NBC and is making billions of dollars off contracts in Iraq and Afghanistan wants a president who would bring our troops home and hence cut off their cash cow? Every other commercial on TV is for some sort of drug treating one symptom but causing 10 others. Do you think big pharma would continue to fund these media outlets if the man out to bust the medical mafia/FDA was given serious consideration?

First off, Ron Paul has an impeccable voting record and is a man of integrity. He doesn't waiver in his positions like Romney going back and forth on right to life and right to choose and on government healthcare and non government healthcare to play to his audience. Dr. Paul's consistent philosophy, on every issue, is grounded in what made this country great, our constitution and freedom. The man in his three decades in office has never voted against the constitution and speaks up and votes for We the People when OUR God given rights are threatened. He never voted for a pay raise and always donates a portion of his salary to the US treasury. This past week he made another incredible announcement.

Firstly, he will immediately cut $1 trillion in spending. He is going to close down five wasteful and useless federal bureaucracies. And he will only accept the average American household salary of $39k instead of the $400k the president currently receives. My guess is the main stream media will mock him as will most people who don't understand his commitment to limited government. Dr. Paul is today's Thomas Jefferson but unfortunately most Americans have no idea what that means.

Ron Paul's most important battle is against the very entity Mr. 999 Herman Cain was a very important part of … The Federal Reserve. First off, Cain's 999 plan is actually a higher tax for those making under 200k/year and Cain is an insider and former chairman of the Federal Reserve, the real root of our economic demise. Why have a 9 percent "income" tax when Paul wants to totally eliminate the IRS and have an "income" tax of zero? I don't care what your political persuasion is you should switch parties and run out to vote for Ron Paul on this very issue alone. If you believe we should all pay a federal income tax you are a slave and have no understanding of our constitution and freedom. And you certainly don't understand history and why a bloody war was fought to achieve it. Both the Federal Reserve and the IRS came into existence in the same year, 1913. The IRS is basically the collecting arm of the Federal Reserve. Both are private corporations. The Fed charges us 6 percent interest on every dollar it prints. Hence there is never enough money to pay back our debt to the Fed, which is an international banking cartel not a branch of the government as some of you may think. Nothing backs the value of the dollar and the Fed devalues the worth of the dollar every time it prints money that the government needs to fund a war or a bailout etc. Ron Paul has been fighting against the fed for three decades and he predicted the collapse of the housing market five years before it happened. Cain, on the other hand, didn't see it coming and insisted right up until the collapse that everything was fine. Spoken like a true insider!!! It is time the American people smarten up and vote for a person of principle. And if we all vote for Ron Paul, he CAN win!!!

Gene Duffy

Jim Thorpe

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