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Destroying the wealth of America

Published October 22. 2011 09:01AM

The Occupy Wall Street protesters are making a mockery of our system. They want to end capitalism and get rid of evil corporations. They also want to wipe out the entrepreneurs who create jobs. In doing so, these protesters are as dumb as the Bolsheviks who toppled capitalism in Russia. The Bolsheviks doomed themselves and their children to decades of starvation. The revolution did such a good job of destroying farms and industry that the Russians had to use their army to steal food from another country! This resulted in the forced starvation of up to 12 million Ukrainians in what is now known as the Holodomor. My question to the Bolsheviks and communists is: "How well did eliminating capitalism and profits work for you?" Communism failed dismally in Russia and the Soviet Union and was replaced by a revitalized business community dedicated to capitalism.

The protesters on Wall Street and their sympathizers are misinformed. As I watch the protesters on TV, they are obviously consumers using products made by the conglomerates they despise so much. Some are wearing expensive Levis jeans made by a big, bad corporation. They keep in touch using their iPhones and listen to music on their iPods, both made by that nasty Apple Corporation. They are eating food made possible by Cargill Corporation (the largest family owned corporation in America. The Cargills are also one of the richest families in this country). John Deere makes the tractors used by the farmers to plant and harvest the food that they eat. Frito Lay takes the corn and potatoes farmers grow and convert it into the Fritos and potato chips that these protesters snack on. Johnny On The Spot provides the toilets that they may use, although judging by the mess they made, I doubt they are using them. The protesters would not survive a week without electricity produced by the vile utility companies. Obviously, they know not of what they protest.

When I watch the news interviews with the protesters, they cannot even explain what they are protesting. Some say that corporations are evil and need to be punished. Others say that the wealth of hard working Americans should be confiscated and distributed to all. When questioned, they can't identify the point at which someone is considered wealthy. What is clear is that they do not want to work for their money. Instead they prefer to take money from those who earned it by their labor. What the protesters do not realize is that confiscation of wealth destroys value rather than creating it. Using their methodology, everyone will be reduced to poverty and possibly starvation as happened in Russia and the Ukraine. These sloths want everything on a platter and they do not want to pay for it. They resent those who create the new products that provide profit to the corporations that manufacture the goods. They buy the products and they use them. Then they want to confiscate the wealth of those who created the products. If these freeloaders prevail, there will be no innovation, no manufacturing and very little commercial food production.

These protesters also do not respect property. Wall Street has been turned into a garbage pile. When Tea Partiers protested, they always left the site of the protest cleaner than when they arrived. Tea Partiers are used to working for a living, raising a family, keeping a clean house and ensuring their property is always neat and tidy. When they came together to protest high taxes and excessive government, they took their garbage out with them at the end of the protest. The Wall Street protesters dump their garbage on the ground, use trees as bathrooms and stand in the squalor they created. The City of New York has already spent millions of dollars cleaning up their mess.

In my opinion, the Wall Street protesters should find some land that they can call their own. They can farm it using tools they make themselves, horses they breed and seeds they saved from the previous year's crop. They should make their own clothes, build their own houses and furnish them with handmade goods. They would then be free from the evil corporations. By being self sufficient, they would not be lining the pockets of the filthy rich by purchasing ready-made goods. If they want to try this out for week or two, they could live on an Amish farm.

The Amish live a simple life, with no outside connections to their homes. No land lines for telephones and no power lines to their houses. Yes, some of them use cell phones for business purposes. After all, they have to earn some money so they can buy the goods that they do not make themselves. Wall Street protesters could not survive in an Amish community. They want to have their cake but not work for it. The Amish would not accept people who want to live in their houses and eat their food but contribute nothing.

So what can be done with these protesters? I suggest we leave them alone. Stop providing them with free food and water. They can buy their own food and their bottled water. It will not take long until they run out of money. Then they will realize that the only way to fill their stomachs is through sponging off their parents or getting a job. I understand that some of the protesters are upset because there were no jobs when they graduated from university. They took the easy route of studying socialism and the history of television. Had they taken engineering, pursued a career in medicine or corporate law they would now be employed. We have a shortage of doctors, engineers, lawyers and scientists.

I understand that many of the graduates took out student loans to fund their education without thinking how the loans would be paid back. Now they want the loans wiped off the books. Most people I know today went to university, took student loans and worked for a decade to pay them off. And pay them off they did! They also bought houses, paid their mortgages, raised their families, and saved for retirement. Many worked at jobs they did not like to support their families. As they worked, they created value and brought prosperity to America.

America is the home of the free and the land of the brave. Our America was not designed for free loaders. It was and remains a country were anyone who wants to work hard can succeed. Many of us came to this country with nothing, worked hard and saved our money. We contributed our sweat and our blood to this country. Now these social misfits want to plunder our savings so that they can destroy the wealth that took several generations to build. When I came to this country decades ago, the streets were paved with gold for those who wanted to work. Now the streets of our major cities are strewn with garbage and waste carelessly tossed there by the Occupy Wall Street protesters. I pray that these miscreants will realize their folly and work with their fellow Americans to make America a better place for everyone.

© 2011 Gordon Smith -All Rights Reserved

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