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Let the games begin

Published October 01. 2011 09:01AM

In the days of the Roman Empire, emperors kept the voters happy by providing them with "bread and circus". They put gladiators, lions and even Christians in the arena to fight to the death. They called this sport!

In modern times, politicians put themselves in the arena with their competitors, in a race to see who becomes the President of the United States. Their weapons are speeches, debates, TV commercials, and articles in the press. Their barbs are verbal ones, but they can kill a candidacy just as quickly as a sword could lop off the head of a gladiator in Ancient Rome.

It is election season. Let the games begin!

It is obvious from the recent polls that Barack Obama is losing the support of those who elected him. He lost the support of the older Jewish population when he openly supported the Palestinians in their fight against Israel. His pro-Muslim beliefs have further isolated Israel in the Middle East. This increases the tensions in the area and will lead to further attacks on Israel and its citizens. When he bowed before the King of Saudi Arabia, his true loyalty was displayed. He is first a Muslim who is beholden to the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, King Abdullah.

As President of the United States of America, he has apologized to the world for the actions of our nation. Clearly he is an embarrassment to all that is American. He failed in his efforts to protect the Constitution. He and his minions use executive orders to impose his rule when Congress will not pass the legislation he desires.

He is also losing support of the black voters. They believe he failed to keep his promises. Unemployment remains at almost 17 percent in the black neighborhoods that Obama bypassed during his recent bus tour. It is significant that he steered clear of black districts, as he knows that he used the black voters as pawns in the last election. In the coming election, it is likely that he will receive between 33 and 50 percent of the black vote. This, when combined with the loss of the older Jewish vote and a lower turnout, could cause him to lose.

There is another alternative. He could step down at the end of his term so that he can accept an international position. This could be billed as a step up from the Presidency of the United States. I would suggest that he be made the head of the United Nations, the World Bank, or the International Monetary Fund.

He could also be made honorary head of the Palestinian Liberation Organization as he has done more damage to our country than Yasser Arafat ever did. Once President Obama is "promoted", other Democrats can vie to be the Democratic candidate in the 2012 presidential election.

Democrats are also worried that he could lose the next election. To give the Democrats four more years in the White House, the Democratic Party will need other candidates to participate in the democratic primaries. Hillary Clinton could not only win the primary but she could win the White House. This statement is a major turnaround for me. In the last democratic primary race I prayed anyone but Hillary. Little did I know that God would answer my prayers and that I would rue the day I said those words.

There are several other Democrats who could participate and potentially win in the primary. Some good competition will enable democratic voters to select the candidate of their choice.

It is quite possible that President Obama would be selected. In the run-up to the primaries, democratic voters will be enthused. This could lead to increased voter participation in the 2012 elections. It would be foolish for Democrats to permit President Obama to go into the primaries unchallenged. If we are lucky, they may select a new candidate to ensure that Obama retires early.

The race on the Republican side is very interesting. It seems the press has decided that the leading candidates should be Romney and Perry. This is not what the base of the Republican Party believes.

Some members of the press realize that a strong Republican candidate could result in the defeat of President Obama. The Democratic control of the larger newspapers and most electronic media has a great influence on the Republican primary voters. By emphasizing Romney and Perry, both of whom have serious flaws, they believe they can ensure a second term for Obama.

Romney's implementation of Romney care when he was governor was the model used for Obama care. Perry's ultraconservative views on religion and abortion and his support of the anti-gay movement ensure that he cannot win the race for the presidency. Clearly the press fears a Republican victory. They will continue to influence voters by running stories that favor unelectable Republicans.

Some of the voters actually research the platforms of those standing for election. I have always done so as I believe my vote is a cherished right. It must be used carefully. Furthermore, it cannot be bought by fancy wordsmithing or political games. At this time I am studying the platforms of some of the less popular Republicans.

I believe Herman Cain will make an excellent president. He can garner some of the black vote, which will hurt Obama. He also is highly regarded by the conservatives in the Republican Party. I believe Mr. Cain can mobilize the Republican voters better than any other candidate. We still have a year to go and he could make some major mistakes in that time. If he is careful with his words and actions he will gain popularity.

Jon Huntsman is also someone I respect. I'm not sure he can get the votes needed to defeat President Obama. If he can marshal support and focus on winning, he has a chance. Newt Gingrich is a man you have to love. He is an intelligent man, a patriot and a historian with a wealth of knowledge about our Constitution. Unfortunately, I do not believe he can be elected. The press will drag up stories several decades old to destroy him. I believe Newt can be a great president; I just don't think he is electable.

Of the other potential candidates who have not entered the race, I believe Governor Chris Christie can be elected. I watched him this week as he eloquently told his supporters that he appreciated the honor they were giving him but that he is not ready to run. I have to respect this. He ran for governor of New Jersey and wants to finish out his term.

My concern is that this is his time. Our country will not survive as we know it until the 2016 elections. Need a man like Governor Christie who tells it like it is and fixes problems rather than fixing blame. Governor Christie is the man! He can do it!

I really like Sarah Palin. Unfortunately she is a polarizing individual. I am concerned that if elected, she will not be able to stand up to the rigors of the Office of the President. In the past, when the heat was on, she could not take it and resigned as Governor of Alaska. Until then, she was my favorite candidate. I cannot support a candidate who backs away from a fight when the going gets tough.

I'm sure many of you have thought about the candidates as I have. The 2012 election will be a difficult one. I would appreciate your comments on the candidates, as you likely will discover facts that I missed. By working together, we can scrutinize the credentials of those running for our nation's highest office.

I never want to see our country elect a president whose credentials were not properly vetted. Nor do I want a president who chooses to ignore the Constitution and rules by fiat. Rather, I want to select a person of strong moral character who is prepared to implement his or her platform upon election.

Obama taught me that the presidency can be won through deception if you have enough money, control of the left-wing press, and campaign managers who will do anything to win.

We cannot allow this to happen again.

© 2011 Gordon Smith All Rights Reserved

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