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Dealing with rudeness

Published November 26. 2011 09:01AM

Dear Editor:

Hello Mr Castagnera and Miss Castagnera (The Generation Gasp column, Nov. 19 TIMES NEWS)

You are both right!

Firstly, I think it's poor business for any food server to be having a personal phone call during his shift. It's wrong and very unprofessional. What you should have done is placed a complaint to the manager etc. I would have done it, and I am sorry that it had happened to you for if I was that young man's boss he would've been canned on the spot.

Miss Castagnera, I am a mid-40s woman and I don't place or receive cell phone calls in any public indoor building nor do I shout to the world my conversation when I'm outside. I have seen a lot of people of all ages phoning or texting while driving ect .

Now, I have a tell of rudeness while visiting a school for a meeting about my child the students are leaving at dismissal, I am trying to enter the building and these kids are just blocking the doors. After repeatly saying excuse me they didn't step aside not until I yelled move it, thus making me sound rude and was called a bitch by these young people (teenagers).

I enjoy your articles and read it often. I like the different views and I hope other people read it too. Maybe the 40's women and men will recongize themselves.

Thank you and have a wonderful Thanksgiving too.

Cordially yours,

Mrs. Betsy Murphy

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