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Vigilance required for liberty

Published November 05. 2011 09:01AM

For several weeks, we've observed the disgusting, despicable display of anarchy called Occupy Wall Street. In cities across the U.S. these deranged, unfocused, irrational, ignorant protesters, inspired by Arab Spring and European rioters, are evidently orchestrated by the radical left Maxist-Communist power brokers.

History repeats itself. Hitler brainwashed his people with a Socialist-Nationist agenda, then led them to destruction. Lenin and Stalin promised utopian change, exploiting gullible people into embracing communism. Slalin called them "useful idiots." Millions of innocent Soviet citizens were murdered and the communist system eventually imploded.

Today's O.W.S. protest regime is predicted on a Marxist-Communist platform: Divide and conquer, class warfare, redistribution (stealing) of wealth, economic justice. Their specific demands are free health care, free college, end fossil fuel, no U.S. borders, etc. These selfish, narcissistic protestors, who hate corporations and wealthy people, want their money. Beware! The struggling lower middle class, anyone who owns a home, bank account, property, pension, etc. will be their next target. Resist this aggression by voting for conservative candidates who defend the U.S. Constitution.

Join the Tea Party or 9012ers. Be prepared to defend yourself and your family. Take back the streets and your nation.

Tea Party and 9-12er

John Bird,


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