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Did life evolve from non-life?

Published May 28. 2011 09:05AM

Dear Editor,

The theory of evolution purports that life originated from non-living inanimate matter. The theory of creation purports that life originated from God. Did life evolve out of non-life? Or was life created by God? In regards to the origin of the species the above statements depict the basic difference between these two theories.

The theory of creationism has nothing to do with and is not contingent upon Christian church history. Similarly, the theory of evolution has nothing to do with and is not contingent upon secular world history. Because I am a creationist and believe that life was created by God does not mean that I do not believe in the scientific method of inductive reasoning. Creationism and scientific data are not mutually exclusive. Such deductive logic is flawed and invalid. I too believe in the findings of Galileo, Isaac Newton, Alfred Wagner and Albert Einstein, etc. as well as the geologic theory of continental drift. I believe in the fossil record.

Cross discipline scientific evidence does not refute or weaken the theory of creationism. Just as cross discipline scientific evidence does not prove or strengthen the theory of evolution. It cannot. The two opposing theories really come down to choice and to what a person believes in their mind and heart. Can we fully know our physical world through observation and inductive reasoning? No. Knowledge is infinite. Creationists walk by faith. Evolutionists like to think they walk by sight. However, personally, due to gaps in the physical data supporting their theory I believe it probably takes as much faith on their part to be an evolutionists as it does to be a creationist.

It also takes an ever ongoing study and presentation of physical data and scientific expounding added to an ever increasing amount of elapsed physical time to attempt to reasonably justify the theory of evolution. On the other hand creationism ... well ... yeah there are facts. But in the end for the believer it really does not come down to facts and to reason. Expanded reason eventually confounds itself. In the end, when all is said and done, by faith the creationist chooses God and only faith (not reason) pleases God.

Steve Boyd


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