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The debate over evolution

Published May 28. 2011 09:05AM

Dear Editor,

Letter writer J.A. Lankolis finds comfort in evolution, as do all closed minded people. Is this why?

The following is taken from the book "The Evolution Hoax Exposed," by A.N. Field. "Professor Carr-Saunders' idea is that when the lower orders are cured of the habit of having children, the upper crust can be encouraged to have them on patriotic grounds and upward evolution can then begin. That is, presuming that no other nation happens to take a fancy to possessing the depopulated country in the meantime. The big immediate step in human evolution, according to this professor, seems to be to get the lower classes into the abortion parlors, etc., without delay."

Whales are supposed to have evolved from land dwelling creatures. This evolutionary change would have had to have been instantaneous and miraculous. Whales suckle their young under water.

Every Ash Wednesday, the "truth" is proclaimed to the whole world. The following is taken from the book "The Fifth Miracle: The Search for the Origin and Meaning of Life," by Paul Davies.

"Since the Earth formed, its material has not remained inert. Carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen and oxygen are continually recycled through the atmosphere and crust by geological and biological processes. When an organism dies and decays, its atoms are released back into the environment. Some of them eventually become part of other organisms. Simple statistics reveal that your body contains about one atom of carbon from every milligram of dead organic material more than a thousand years old. This simple fact has some amazing implications. You are, for example, host to a billion or so atoms that once belonged to Jesus Christ or Julius Caesar or the Buddah or the tree that the Buddha once sat beneath.

Next time you look at your body, reflect on the long and eventful history of its atoms and remember that the flesh you see and the eyes you see them with are literally made of stardust."

Michael S. Rother


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