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Constitution is framework on which our government is built

Published May 28. 2011 09:05AM

Dear Editor:

Now that I am officially not a candidate for public office I guess I can exercise my FREE speech rights again. In a more enlightened society or with a little more time and money our message of freedom and constitutionally limited government may have achieved much different results.

After being ridiculed by one of the opposition's minions at a poll on the day of the election who claimed I was a joke and who belittled me for believing in our constitution I have a question for you. Does the oath of office mean something or is it strictly ceremonial in order for those who take it to get their jollies off on a two minute high of patriotism? And when asked to protect and defend the constitution from all enemies both foreign and domestic does that mean only part of the constitution or the entire thing?

And shouldn't you have at least read it and understood it before taking the oath? The constitution is the framework from which our entire government is built and from which all laws are derived. To be in the legislative branch of government such as the office of county commissioner and having served at least one term without having read the Pennsylvania or United States Constitution is a travesty. The even bigger disgrace is that the majority of the public could care less and keeps electing the same candidates over and over again without even the faintest clue of what issues are plaguing our county and/or country.

The reason politicians hate the constitution is because it limits what they can do. If the all promising politician can't provide something like a business park built on a floodplain to their constituents they may not get re-elected again. But realize this, every time a politician (school board members included) or a judge violates their oath of office, it costs us money and a loss of freedom.

The other problem with government expansion or what I like to call communism is that once it sets in it is very hard to eliminate. Kind of like a bad rash. In Carbon County, the county is the top "employer" followed by three other government entities, all school districts. When this happens, the "employee" encourages family members and friends to vote for the all promising politician to keep their cushy livelihoods going. Once again the citizens are expected to absorb this exuberant cost. But eventually the government runs out of other people's money and the whole system fails.

If you voted for freedom and the constitution by voting for Duffy, Dages, Strubinger or Armbruster thank you. Since 892 people voted for me that's 892 people who disagree with the incumbents take that they must be doing a pretty good job. And as people learn the truth that we no longer live in a free society that number will surely grow.

I have a feeling the ones who voted for the status quo wouldn't understand our constitution and the principles of freedom if they were hit upside the head with them. The two things I kept hearing throughout the campaign is that the occupation tax was eliminated and taxes didn't go up on the county level. First off, isn't it bad enough money is unlawfully taken out of our paychecks to begin with (Article I Sect. 9 of the US constitution), then the local government adds insult to injury and taxes you for simply having an occupation, which is a RIGHT not a privilege. And who do you suppose introduced this tax to the area to begin with?

And then there is no fight being put up in regards to boroughs and townships still collecting it. There would have been with me in office. And yes, maybe the taxes haven't gone up, but they haven't gone down either (even after the sale of Weatherwood) and the poverty level hasn't fluctuated either. Call it sour grapes but most people are completely oblivious to the national crisis we are facing and I know for a fact no one in local government understands the severity of what is going on in this country like our coalition. Let it be said there were those who tried.

Gene Duffy

Carbon County



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