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Write-in winner for Panther Valley SD

Published May 26. 2011 05:01PM

There was a write-in winner on the Republican ballot for school director for Panther Valley School District it was reported by the Schuylkill County Election Bureau after the official count was completed.

Michael Celentano won the nomination with 32 write-in votes in the May 17 Primary Election. He joins four other candidates whose names were on the ballot, R. Mickey Angst, 157 official votes; William Hunsicker Sr., 147; Jeffrey Markovich, 142 and Anthony Demarco, 137 who will be the Republican candidates in the general election in November. There were 50 Republican write-in votes with Celentano getting 32 votes; Michelle Markovich, four and Steve Tentylo, two and Anne Girard, Claire Remington, Dennis Vavra, Faye R. Lewis, George Murphy, Jack Jones, Nicholas P. Ritzko, Paul Suzadail, Robert Aims, Sam Spade, Ted Bortnick and Tony Pajakinas, one each.

Celentano also received enough write-ins in Carbon County for the nomination.

Winning the nomination on the Democratic ballot were Demarco with 72 votes; Hunsicker, 69; Jeffrey Markovich, 66; and Angst, 62. The four won both nominations. Also winning the Democrat nomination was Michelle Markovich with 66 votes. She was on the ballot. There were two write-ins, Celentano received 12, and Nancy Lorchak, one.

Tamaqua Area

The five candidates for Tamaqua School Board seats whose names appeared on both the Republican and Democratic ballots, as school board candidates can cross-file, won both nominations.

On the Republican ballot the official vote was, Wanda Y. Zuber, 1,545 votes; Robert W. Betz, 1,515; Eileen A. Meiser, 1,489; Daniel E. Schoener, 1,478 and Larry A. Wittig, 1,421. There were 22 write-in votes. Tracy A. Perry received two and Thomas Hoban, Barry Bitner, Betty Lou Myers, Brad Murphy, Diane Sweeney, Dorothy Kotch, Ed Moran, Frank Rutch, Heather Patrick, James S. Gormley, Jennifer Bensinger, Joe Grant, Joseph P. Leonzi Jr., Justin Stephens, Larry Bower, Lil Abner, Mark Bower, Mark Rother, Shawn Haggerty, Stephenie Curvey and Tyrone Rarick, each one write-in.

On the Democrat ballot the official vote was for Zuber, 571; Meiser, 564; Betz, 542; Schoener, 496; Wittig, 462 and Perry, 458. There were 16 write-in votes. Ann Tracy, Art Oakes, Bruce Confer, Cathy Miorelli, George Taylor, Holly Kosack, Jeaninne Motroni, Jerome Zubey, John Tracy, Joseph Stanek, Kevin Shinn, Liz Confer, Matt Stahler, Michaelene Tribulla, Robert Goetz and Louis Weinburger, each one.

Hazleton Area

There were spirited contests on both ballots for five seats on the Hazleton Area School Board, which includes several municipalities in Schuylkill County.

On the Republican ballot the five who won the party nomination were, Robert W. Childs, 430 votes; Tony Bonomo, 355; Brian Earley, 338; Marfyu Yanac, 331, and Jared M. O'Donnell, 285. The runner-ups were Robbie Wallace, 281; Rocco Formica, 269; Lawrence Sampson, 253; and Peter T. Bard, 210. There were nine write-in votes. Tanya Watro, two write-in votes and Aniello Tombasco, Dane Watro, John Wilcko, Kevin Lapinsky, Steve Hahn, Tina Layton and Vicky Mackine, each one write-in vote.

On the Democratic ballot the five nominees are, Robert W. Childs, 367 votes, winning both nominations; Tony Bonomo, 312 votes, winning both nominations; Robbie Wallace,281; Rocco Formica, 262 votes- and Peter T. Bard, 261 votes. The runners-up were Brian Earley, 253; Lawrence Sampson, 234; Marfy Yanac, 232; Jared M. O'Donnell, 251. There was one write-in, Anthony Befano, one writein vote.

Blue Mountain

Four of the six candidates who ran on the Republican and Democratic ballot for school board for Blue Mountain School District won both nominations.

The four nominees who won both nominations were John Granito, 1,146 Republican votes and 441 Democratic; Scott Reichert, 1,129 Republican and 531 Democratic; Marci Crysts-Kramer, 940 Republican and 444 Democrat; and Heather L. Gosch, 1,059 Republican and 495 Democratic. David Lafko was the fifth Republican candidate with 975 votes and Alicia Keller was the fifth Democratic candidate with 465 votes.

The runner-ups on the Republican ballot were, Carl W. Yeich, 921; Edward R. Cope, 900; Alicia Keller, 883; Jams M. Gillespie, 863; and Joseph Medica, 702. There were 24 write-in votes but none qualified for nomination. Michael Wanamaker and Terry Shaner each received two writein votes and Bill Braskey, Brendan Navin, Chris Spangler, Cynthia Keeley, Donald Lee, Eleanor K. Wernert, Hunter B. Copeland III, Joe Pahira, John Webb, Kenneth Arndt, Kris Fessler, Lori Knittle, Maryjoe Moss, Paul Laubenstine, Rand Paul, Raymond Schwenk, Robin Kennedy, Ron Paul, Sheila Smith and Thomas Wehr, each one.

There were 16 write-in votes on the Democratic ballot. Edward Mady, three write-in votes and Barry Berger, Jodi Baldwin, John Smith, Kathy Kreiser, Ken Kapushinski,Mary Jo Moss, Megan E. Kimmel, Paterica Laplaca, Paul Bedway, Sud Patel, Sue Murphy, Trent Schaeffer and William C. Kimmel, III, each one.

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