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Destroying the American dream

Published March 26. 2011 09:07AM

In the last week, the Obama presidency reached a new low. His confusing policy on energy is designed to ensure that the United States will always be dependent upon foreign oil.

On his recent visit to Latin America, he encouraged Brazil to drill offshore for oil and previously loaned them the $2 billion needed for this to happen. In meetings with Brazilian leaders he stated: "When you're ready to start selling, we want to be one of your best customers."

Meanwhile he continues to discourage American firms that wish to drill in the Gulf of Mexico. We have plenty of oil and gas just off our shores yet this president, in one of the worst decisions ever made by a sitting American president, shut down drilling in the Gulf of Mexico single-handedly. His administration recently approved a single permit for drilling in the Gulf in the hopes that this action would dispel criticism.

American companies are struggling to supply our citizens with the fuel required to run our factories, our automobiles, and to heat our houses. In a very unusual move the Chief Executive Officer of Gulf Oil Company publicly criticized Obama's support of foreign oil at the expense of American companies and American oil independence. (

My hat goes off to Joe Petrowski for his brave stance that will surely cost him dearly when Obama needs someone to blame for $4 gasoline. Mr. Petrowski made it clear that drilling here and drilling now is the best alternative for America. Providing cash to other countries to exploit their petroleum reserves while denying American companies the same option is hypocritical and will have disastrous effects on the oil industry in Louisiana and other Gulf states.

After angering patriotic Americans and our oil companies, President Obama decided to attack Libya without clearing his actions with Congress. His masters, the Arab League, wanted America to take out Kaddafi on their behalf.

Our Puppet President certainly appears to be under the spell of the Arab nations. He was elected as the man to put an end to wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

While claiming the Iraqi war is over, we still have almost 50,000 American troops stationed there and several have died just in the last two weeks. No mention is made of these fallen heroes in our press because "the war is over." If the war is over, our troops should not be dying. Our military is in Iraq to ensure that the Muslim faction Obama supports remains in power.

In Afghanistan, where we have no American interests, our troops continue to fight and die in support of the Muslim population. While Obama did not start the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq he has failed in his promise to end these wars and bring our troops home. He expanded the war in Afghanistan into Pakistan using air power and drones to bomb a sovereign nation.

The war with Libya is his. He owns this one. He got into it without congressional approval, without clear rules of engagement, and without a mandate from the American people. The Arab League wanted it and the UN sanctioned it. The United Kingdom and France joined in as Europe relies on Libya's oil. As with Afghanistan, there are no American interests in Libya.

President Obama has chosen to execute the orders of his Muslim masters without regard to the American people. Already there is a movement to revoke President Obama's Nobel Peace Prize. Bolivia and Russia have appealed to the Nobel committee to rescind his prize and other nations are expected to join in.

How can someone win the Peace Prize and then attack a foreign country without provocation? I support the revocation of his peace prize and I am almost ready to support President Obama's impeachment.

My third issue this week is with Obama's failed health care legislation. As I write this, more states, unions and corporations are filing for and receiving exemptions from Obamacare.

Maine has already received an exemption for the entire state. Nevada, Kentucky and New Hampshire have applied exemptions and these exemptions will likely be approved. Over 40 percent of the exemptions are for unions. If Obama care was so good, why are the unions opting out? (

Furthermore why are corporations with favorable access to President Obama also opting out? Why was McDonald's exempted? Corporate exemptions alone have ensured that over one million people will not have access to Obamacare. If the law was so good, why was there a provision for opting out and why have states, corporations and unions taken advantage of the opt out clause?

The answer is simple. This law stinks! Exemptions ensure that Friends of Obama get favorable treatment while many of the people who need medical care will not get it.

I realize that many of you will object to what I have written. After all, I am just a retired business executive who does not understand that President Obama is a gift to the American people.

I do not understand that Obama's cash from his stash has supported people on welfare and unemployment insurance in unprecedented numbers. These people deserve to be looked after and Obama is going to ensure that they are.

You can call me an old fuddy-duddy but I believe in working to support oneself and one's family. The government should not be looking after my children and my grandchildren as they are my responsibility.

The government should not be attacking foreign countries because the Arab League wants them to. We should only attack countries where Americans lives are endangered or where we need to protect American interests.

We should be drilling for our own oil not buying it from foreign powers that dislike the United States to the point of financing radical Islamic terrorist attacks on America. Specifically, we should not be buying oil from Saudi Arabia as 15 of their citizens attacked America on 9/11.

My position may seem radical but I believe that it will pass the test of time. History will judge America based on the actions of our government and our president. I believe that President Obama will be known as the worst president ever elected in the United States. If we are not careful, he will be re-elected as he bribes the entitlement class with his social agenda even though it will bankrupt our country.

As unfortunate as this sounds, there is little opposition to President Obama. Republicans have not put forth a leader who is electable and who is fiscally responsible.

Both the Democrats and the Republicans created the mess our country is now in. Libertarians do not have the votes necessary to control the Congress or even take a run at the presidency.

For change to happen, those who believe as I do will need to contact their representatives on major issues frequently. All of us need to visit our congressmen and women in their offices to let them know how we feel.

I expect to be vilified for writing this article, yet I invite your comments. It is only through dialogue that we will openly discuss the issues facing our country. If Obama seems radically left to me and I seem radically right to you then we should all meet in the middle. But we must continue the discussion, as uncomfortable as it might be, for our nation depends upon it.

Our children and grandchildren will be governed by the actions we take today and in the coming years. Let's leave them a better America than the one we have now.

© 2011 Gordon Smith All Rights Reserved

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