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Banner symbolizes true meaning of Memorial Day

  • Banner symbolizes true meaning of Memorial Day
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Published June 11. 2011 09:00AM

Dear Editor:

Memorial Day Weekend has come and gone - another holiday weekend of family fun - picnics - hotdogs - steaks - carnivals fireworks - cotton candy, funnel cakes....and yes - most likely beer.

Goodness - we sure did celebrate Memorial Day … or did we, REALLY? How many Americans know what this banner is?

It pretty much sums up Memorial Day.

Those who display this banner will never forget - because - try as they might, they can't remove the meaning from their minds or their hearts.

It is displayed by a Gold Star Mother - a Gold Star Father - a Gold Star Family.

A banner they would really rather not have to display but are so honored to do so in memory.

A banner that - with one lone Gold Star - symbolizes the true meaning of Memorial Day.

It so eloquently states for all to see, the meaning of the day that was once called Decoration Day - A day celebrated with picnics - hotdogs - family and friends.

But if your family displays the Gold Star Banner, you know all too well - that now there is something missing - and not just some thing - someone.

It means that one day two soldiers came to your door. Two of the most dreaded visitors to ever knock on anyone's door. Two members of our armed services whose duty is to inform a family that a member of that family will not be coming home to celebrate Memorial Day with them ever again.

It means that someone in their family paid the ultimate price so we, Americans, can be free.

As Dan and I attended one of the festivities for Memorial Day weekend, we saw lots of people having fun, we saw absolutely beautiful fireworks - the kind that give me the chills. Yes we were celebrating Memorial Day with hundreds of other people. or were we?

Over the weekend we went to parades and Memorial services for our fallen heroes. We attended parades and ceremonies in Carbon County and Berks County.

After the speakers reminded everyone of the sacrifice that was made for us by those now lying in their final resting place, after the Twenty-One gun salute was done and Taps were played - we looked around at the few people that took the time to honor them by being there.

Shouldn't we take the time to THANK THEM one more time for the freedom they passed on to us?

Shouldn't we take just an hour to watch our Honor Guard and our high school band march in the heat to the graveyard where they play the National Anthem?

Shouldn't we be examples for those high school students and stand quietly and attentively to show them how important it is to remember why we live in liberty in the greatest Country in the world?

Shouldn't we Thank the Gold Star family that was left behind to grieve each Memorial Day for the hero that will forever be in their hearts but no longer in their home?

Next year, as our Veterans honor their fallen comrades with the Twenty-One Gun Salute, after Taps have been played - I pray that those Veterans and Gold Star Families will see, not just a few, but instead, hundreds of their neighbors and friends standing there - Saluting and thanking them one more time for their sacrifice - with very grateful hearts.

Honoring our Fallen Heroes today and Always.

Yours in Liberty,

Sandy Dellicker

Summit Hill

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