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Freedom has a price

Published June 04. 2011 09:07AM

Hopefully everyone had a great Memorial Day weekend last week. It is that time of year when we should stop what we are doing and give thanks to the patriots who lay down their lives for our freedoms and liberty. Too many times we take for granted the sacrifices many of our fellow citizens make so that we can enjoy our lives in this country. Those men and women enable us to write in newspapers, go to the church of our choice or not go to church at all, gather in support or opposition to a cause and express ourselves freely. So many countries do not give their citizens that right and we should be grateful about that.

It can never be said often enough, but freedom is not free. It has a price. The price of patriots' blood given with courage and self sacrifice for you and for me. Maybe I'm a sentimental fool, but as I watch shows that depict the struggle in war such as the Civil War and our World Wars, I realize how brave these men were.

I was speaking to my mother's friend Chester last week after the parade. He fought along with hundreds of thousands in France to liberate it from the Axis powers. As he described what it was like, I realized that growing up in the 1930s meant you knew that when you graduated you were heading into the military to serve your country, in essence to do your part to pay for the freedom we share. While I, like most men, sign up for the Selective Service on our 18th birthday, we do not worry about being drafted, but as Chet pointed out, then there was no choice. If you didn't volunteer for a branch, you ended up in the infantry.

There is nothing romantic about war or about defending this country. It is a bloody price that is fraught with heartbreak and sadness, but those emotions are saved for us. For the men and women on the front lines, they may be terrified but I find them to be the bravest, most selfless souls in our country. They lay down their lives for us and there is nothing mightier nor greater than this.

That is why it really irks me to no end those who spit on this country's ideals while claiming to be expressing freedom of expression, to be burning flags and to be protesting dead soldiers funerals as a protection of free speech. While many of us support that there should be no line of censorship in this country, we do agree there are some examples of free speech that are negligent or dangerous. Yelling "Fire" in a theater is free speech but it could also cause injury or death and is irresponsible.

In the same respect while I disagree with the censorship of speech or free expression, there is a line of common decency that should never be crossed. One is the burning of the colors. Disrespect of the flag of any country is wrong and demonstrates a total lack of respect. That is why our enemies burn our flag because they are spitting on the American ideals. It is over the line in my opinion for any American no matter what the circumstance to burn an American flag in this country. There is no justifiable reason to do this other than to prove those who do so have no respect for this country.

While we are all born here and take for granted our citizenship, it means something to pledge allegiance to this nation. We are to defend it with our lives if necessary. We are not to let it fall into enemy hands. We are to maintain its principles and stand up for it. If required each one of us are to be willing to die for this nation so that its principles may continue. In a sense while soldiers willingly put themselves on the front line and are willing to die to protect us, we have an obligation to protect the rear even if it means we have to sacrifice as well.

That is why I find it morally reprehensible for any public official in this nation to attempt to justify allowing aliens to enter or remain in this country claiming they have the same rights to privacy we do. They do not. This country has an oath of allegiance and if you don't take it, you should not be granted any privileges in this country. The fact this is open to debate is disgusting. You, elected officials, take an oath to uphold our constitution. There is no justification to allowing aliens in our borders let alone telling law enforcement they cannot check. Is the Immigration Service in this country insane? This type of behavior is treasonous.

Such incompetence is akin to sleeping with the enemy. I cannot believe the leaders of this country even question this. We are being invaded by millions of Mexicans whom we fought over one hundred years ago. We claimed parts of their country after that war and they have not forgotten that since. This is just the latest in years of attempts to reclaim their country. How stupid are the people in charge here? Mexico almost entered two world wars against us and ever since they have continued to try to reclaim their country, and thanks to leaders blinded by ambition and perceived power, they are finally winning.

Our leaders need to wake up and realize our borders are about more than votes or we might as well give up and learn a foreign language now. We have seen the enemy and it is us and those who are making such dumb decisions need to be held accountable.

Til next time …

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