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The meanings of numbers

Published July 23. 2011 09:03AM

Carl Jung believed in a universal consciousness in which we all share common archetypes. In a way numerology reflects this idea that numbers are a universal language we all share. I will neither support nor condemn the idea of numerology and am presenting it for you to draw your own conclusions.

To begin, add together the month, day and year of your birthday. For example, if you were born on March 11, 1964, then the month is 3, the day is 11 and your year is 1964. Add together each digit individually. In this case, 3+1+1+1+9+6+4 which equals 25. If your sum is over ten, continue adding together the digits until you reduce your number to a single digit UNLESS your initial sum is 11, 22 and 33. In those three exceptions, go no further as they are considered master numbers. In our case 25 reduces further to 2+5 or 7.

The number you end up with is considered to be your life path. This number will provide you with the general influences that shape your life and goals while on this planet. While there are pages of material which you can find with a simple online search of the Internet on the numbers, due to limited space I can only share with you the major points of each.

ONE is the prime number and masculine. It represents the power of the universe of creation. A ONE is a natural leader who has incredible abilities to focus on goals and achieve them which could sometimes reflect as stubbornness. They show great courageous and fortitude and can be relied upon to plow forward as a self-starter where others may be reluctant.

TWO is the complement of one. It represents balance and mastery of relationships and has more feminine energy. Twos can be diplomats and counted onto to smooth over rough patches. They tend to be sensitive and show discretion when dealing with difficult issues. They may be drawn toward music and can be sensual. They need to be careful not to be too over sensitive however.

THREE is the number of balance between ONE and TWO. Threes are inspirational and talented. They tend to be great at communication skills and get along well with people. They tolerate differences and are happy, well balanced and able to determine when to lead and when to follow. There are cases though when something bothers them they can be just as outgoing with their complaints and intolerance and sometimes extravagant.

FOURs are strong and tend to be grounded quite well. Just like a house is not complete without four walls, fours are stable, disciplined and pragmatic. They tend to be industrious and hard working and the grounding in relationships. They are very trustworthy, frugal with money and dependable in their relationships. The problem with a four though is this stability could lead to boredom or stagnancy and their down-to-earth nature tends to keep them from being overly social and in the background.

FIVEs are dynamos that love freedom. They tend to have wide varieties of interests and can change among them at will. They are versatile and tend to roll with the punches and are at their best when they are free to pursue their whims. This freedom can be a double edged sword in that fives can tend to appear chaotic and radical. They are prone to unhealthy habits like drinking and drug abuse so they need to be careful not to let this energy control them.

SIXes are responsible and the caretakers of the numbers. Those with six energy tend to gravitate toward taking care of other people and being protective of them. In a positive sense, they are the ones who are most dependable and loving and tend to put themselves ahead of others. This tendency to care for others could lead to possessiveness and over-protection if not checked. They can be suspicious, cynical and jealous as well.

SEVENS are analytical, spiritual and focused. They tend to think beyond the physical world to what is beyond and are constantly on a thirst for knowledge and are good thinkers. This could make them seem distant or aloof to others and they may be sarcastic and socially awkward.

EIGHTS are excellent at business and are good organizers. They tend toward wanting control and the power that comes with material success. They can be relied upon as leaders in their field and are street-smart with a good eye for people. The downside is that this craving for power and control can lead to ruthlessness and greed and an over emphasis on the material world.

NINES are the humanitarians. These are the people who lead charitable efforts and cause and tend to be concerned for the world. They are cooperative and generous, sophisticated in their ideas and will sacrifice for their cause. On the downside, this concern could lead to over sentimentality and discontent or arrogance toward others.

ELEVENS are dynamic and the most intuitive of the numbers. They are goal oriented, charismatic and can have strong faith and tend toward being psychic or sensitive. If they are not focused they can be self-defeating, shy and stressed.

TWENTY TWOs are the builders. They are the ones who will take an idea and follow it through to the end making even the biggest daydream a reality. They are ambitious but pragmatic and disciplined. If they don't focus though they can be impractical and miss opportunities.

THIRTY THREES are the master humanitarians and teachers. They are influential in society and are understanding and knowledgeable about life and the human condition. If this energy isn't recognized, these people can become preachy and overly concerned about their own agendas.

So calculate your life path and see if your number sounds like you. Let me know good or bad whether this worked for you by dropping a line at I'm interested in what you learn.

Til next time …

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