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U.S. history it's more than battles

Published July 16. 2011 09:02AM

Dear Editor:

Most of where I look in Pennsylvania, I am bombarded with the historical significance of this piece of ground or that building because some battle between humans took place. EVERYWHERE I look the historical records are more interested in battles and feuds and killing and the ilk.

Did anyone know that Cable Television was first invented in Lansford, PA? Thomas Edison had an office in Tamaqua. The entire American Society owes its current existence as we know it today all thanks to Summit Hill where Anthracite Coal was discovered.

Yeah folks, enough with your bantering of competitive behavior being engrained into the psyche of the American individual. Give thanks to what you have BECAUSE someone was not killing in the name of someone Else's ideals.

In 235 years of existence, the American Society has yet to live up to the expectations, hopes and dreams of the creators of the American Society. America falters each day that it is forced against the Will of The People to wage battle with another just to cite example.

More than battles folks. Though, I do not discount what the battles have accomplished. Do not give me the rhetoric of fighting for MY freedom. I am already free. The only fighting that is done is between me and the self titled authorities for my freedom with the Political Law.

In closing, I do fancy myself not an American, just an example of a true Earthling.


Dr. Thomas P. Walker, Jr


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