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Big Sister coming to Wal-Mart

Published January 17. 2011 05:00PM

Dear Editor:

Thank goodness our Department of Homeland Security is making it so easy for us to snitch on each other through the corporate giant Wal-Mart. Eight hundred locations across this once great USA will implement the "See something say something" program that will be pumped into specifically chosen stores via satellite. But don't bother heading to your local store to express your outrage like I did, the decision of which stores get the Nazi Germany style message will be chosen in a corporate office somewhere without your consent or input. Can anyone say boycott? That is if there are any real Americans out there who haven't been turned into obedient little socialist grandstanders. If you have been converted maybe you should consider the rightly coined phrase "useful idiot" sometimes wrongly attributed to Joseph Stalin.

But, you know, maybe on second thought I will take advantage of this historic opportunity. In that thing that George Bush called "just a G#$$@**%$ piece of paper" (our constitution) that once defined America and was the reason we had experienced great prosperity and freedom that of which the world has never seen there are five crimes the federal government has the legal authority to pursue. In my eyes the most important one is treason. You see some serious crimes are being committed against the people of the United States yet We the People are being put on lists and told to shut up if we know what is good for us. We are instructed to step right into the highly radioactive nude x-ray scanners and warned not to hold informative meetings about the dangers of fracking. Oh and my personal favorite we get a gun pointed at our head and are advised to give trillions of dollars to Wall Street corporations or the country goes into martial law. And while the highest number of Americans in the history of our country, over 50 million, are on foodstamps Wall Street just received Christmas bonuses. So Ms. Napolitano, who do I call to investigate the federal crime of treason? The FBI? The CIA? Your department of homeland security? I think I'd have more luck calling Wal-Mart security or better yet Barney Fife. So, maybe it's time for the people of this nation to start stepping up for the sake of their families and their neighbors and peacefully assemble into citizen grand juries that can bring charges up against those officials who violate their oaths of office.

And one last thing, don't worry about what a boycott will do to your pocket book if you take the bold stand of passing up cheap Chinese trinkets at your beloved Wal-Mart stores. The reason being is because your currency is about to collapse and in the very near future your money won't buy you a loaf of bread at Wallyworld. You see the one and only thing we still manufacture in this country is money. And for a long time in order for China to buy a barrel of oil they had to pay for it in US dollars. So they would sell us their Melomine laced chocolate in order to collect US dollars to buy what they needed as the dollar was and barely still is the reserve currency of the world. But just recently the Chinese and Russians aren't so crazy about the fact that we keep devaluing our currency by just printing more of it to pay for our debt. If we could just print money and be wealthy none of us would ever have to work again. But the bill is due and America is broke. Time to start ratting out the people who caused this mess!!! So if you see Hank Paulson, Tim Geitner, Ben Bernanke or any other high ranking officials browsing through the crafts section at your local Wal-Mart store be sure to notify the local authorities.

Gene Duffy

Carbon County



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