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Shift in the poles a piece of the puzzle?

Published January 15. 2011 09:00AM

Did you ever play the game Connect-the-Dots when you were younger? The puzzle is simply a series of numbered dots on a page and one connects them with a pen or pencil to form a picture. The puzzles can be made more complicated with different shaped dots or numbers and letters.

In those puzzles one would connect the numbered squares, numbered circles and so forth.In the latter case one connects all the numbers and using a separate line all the letters. In the end the picture becomes clear and it can be colored or decorated.

Not everything around us is simple or so cut-and-dried.In many cases, much of what happens in the world is a great deal like a Connect-the-Dots puzzle. There are pieces scattered everywhere and one has to know how to connect them in order to get a true picture as to what is going on in a particular situation.

Imagine the puzzle is all of the deaths I reported to you last week of fish and birds throughout the world. In many of those cases, thousands of fish or birds died in one fell swoop with no satisfactory explanation other than supposed stress.Perhaps one or two of the killings were deliberate and have explanations, but the deaths of all two million plus animals cannot be so easily explained.

Some scientists point out that mass deaths are not uncommon, and while I cannot substantiate or refute that claim, it does seem logical there would be such isolated cases.I have to wonder though about over eight cases in areas hundreds if not thousands of miles apart from each other and within six days of each other.While I suppose it is mathematically possible, it seems quite improbable from the way I see it.Two million animals randomly dying within a week is just asking us to accept too much.

Of course there are conspiracy theorists who believe this was evidence of a some type of new sonic or energy weapon, a weather based weapon or something similarly insidious.This is always possible.The HAARP array in Alaska is believed to be a candidate for such a weapon.Theorists believe this tool is being used to alter the ionosphere or create storms and other weather events.In other words, they believe this array of radio telescopes can be used to alter the weather and the protective layers of the atmosphere on our planet.

There is another possible explanation that surfaced shortly after my column was written last week that was downplayed in the press from what I observed, but could be a critical component to explaining much of the deaths we witnessed last week.

From what I remember of biology and natural sciences, animals that migrate regularly like birds and fish rely on the magnetic fields of the earth to move from place to place.They use this field as a guidance system to get where they want to go on the planet. In order for this to work reliably they need to have a stable field, I would conjecture.What happens if the field is no longer stable?

Unless you carefully read the news last week, you might think this idea is crazy.I would have agreed until I read an article on the Fox News website: "Magnetic North Pole Shifts, Forces Runway Closures At Florida Airport". The article goes on to say that magnetic north shifted 10 degrees toward Russia resulting in the Tampa International Airport needing to shut down to realign its runways to accommodate for the changes so that it would not hamper navigation for pilots using the airport.

The article does note that the poles fluctuate slightly all the time and even more quickly at the actual polar regions due to the constant shifting of the inner and outer cores of the earth, but they usually don't shift in large noticeable directions often as has happened recently.It does not state whether other airports have recalibrated their runways as well, but it does point out that the minor fluctuations usually do not affect them.

This appeared to be a significant shift to require an airport to close its runway for a week to change signs and numbers.Suppose this shift in the polar regions messed with the internal compasses birds and fish use to navigate.Could this be the underlying cause for all the deaths scientists attribute to stress?Is it possible the shift in the poles of our planet confused them to the point of panic and caused them to fly into the ground, swim into water too shallow for the seasons or just have mass heart attacks caused by undue tension?

I would believe this should not be ignored as a possible cause for this mysterious wave of tragedy throughout the animal kingdom.It should be noted as well that this might be just the beginning.The poles have been known to shift and reverse directions.If these events were caused by a 10-degree shift in the poles, what will a complete reversal cause?

What do you think?

Til next time…

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